The British Council Nepal is implementing a series of interaction, Youth Climate Café, with Nepalese youth as a part of COP26 Youth Summit, to be held on Glasgow, UK coming November 2021. Each subsequent session (up to December 2021) is intended to contribute to longer-term objectives, generating real value by assessing collective will, action, and […]


  • Corona Tribute

    Page 2 of Sano Paila 04 This is the tribute to all those brave warriors who are fighting the war against a global pandemic, the novel- Corona Virus. The novel corona virus, COVID-19, is casting a shadow around the world. Nepal and Nepali people are also suffering with the disease. We send our deepest condolences […]

  • ‘Climate Change Policy & Role of Youth’

    What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is a Ocean. This is a dialogue from a show that I  watched recently. This line triggered me to think deeply about so many things.  Most of the time we think we know so much about something but if we keep on digging there’s more […]

  • “Series of COP/COY- Episode 1 An Introduction”

    Climate change is the burning problem faced by all people globally. COP (Conference of Parties) is a conference participated by different countries where participants discuss the way to avoid climate change and share their knowledge. Many young people are unaware of COP/COY (Conference of Parties)/ (Conference of Youth). To discuss details about COP and to […]

  • Air Pollution Alarm: Time to act Now

    Clean air is a fundamental right of everyone and with the increasing Air pollution, human health is deteriorating day by day. While we are to face the health effects of Air pollution, it is us to speak for ourselves and for our future. With the objectives of awaring people about air pollution impacts, identifying the […]

  • Commitments from the world leaders from CAS 2021

    Our planet is getting warmer, which has a growing impact on our societies and economies. We need to adapt to a new, more extreme climate. The online international Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 on 25 and 26 January, hosted by the Netherlands, convened global leaders and local stakeholders. It saw the launch of a comprehensive Adaptation Action […]

  • An Expert’s Opinion: Interview with Manjeet Dhakal on eNDC and Young Peoples

    “Youths can help achieve the commitments of the NDC by continuously acting as a watchdogs and through their continued advocacy activities.”-Manjeet Dhakal, Advisor to the Chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group, Climate Analytics Nepal has drafted its Enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution (eNDC) and is preparing to submit the eNDC on December 12, marking […]

  • ‘United in frustration’

    Young climate activists create global Mock COP 26 to drive climate action and challenge world leaders to do better Nepali climate change advocate and Network Coordinator of NYCA, Shreya K.C. to join more than 350 fellow delegates from 145 countries for two-week virtual climate conference. 19 Nov-01 December 2020 ● Mock COP 26 is an […]

  • Youths urge the Government to implement their common demands for climate action

    National Youth Conference on Climate Change concludes amid the coronavirus crisis Acknowledging the ongoing threats of the global climate crisis, “7th National Youth Conference on Climate Change 2020 (7th NYCCC)” was held on a virtual platform from 6 to 9th November 2020. The conference was carried out by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) with […]

  • “National Youth Climate Declaration 2020”

    We, 308 young minds of Nepal participating in the 7th National Youth Conference on Climate Change organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) from 6th to 9th November 2020 representing all the seven Provinces of Nepal urge the Government of Nepal to implement our common demands:  We urge the government to ensure inclusive and […]

  • Seventh National Youth Conference on Climate Change kicks off!

    Seventh National Youth Conference on Climate Change (7th NYCCC 2020), a flagship event of NYCA kicked off today that aims to empower youths in the field of climate change- an existential threat to humanity. NYCA together with Save the Children and Clean Energy Nepal is holding this Youth Conference, with the theme “Accelerating climate ambition […]