Climate Change and Nepal


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CA Members, Gagan Thapa commits to address climate change in Nepal’s upcomming constitution

Posted by NYCA Blogger on November 5, 2008

Youth Leader, Gagan Thapa (CA members) committed to move ahead to address climate change and other 15environmental issues in Ghar-Dailo Abhiyan (Home visit Program) carried out by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA). He said environmental concern is one of the biggest and worried issues for youth. Mr. Thapa and his group are also moving ahead for campaign for Traffic management in Kathmandu in coming days.

Mr. Manjeet Dhakal, Coordinator of NYCA briefed him about the global and national issues of climate change and its negative impacts. He also highlighted the national initiatives on climate change and the role of youth leader to aware people on climate change. In the meeting, Mr. Prashanta Khanal of NYCA stressed the needs of united youth voice for our climate justice. Further, Mr. Anil Rimal of NYCA pointed out how the present civilization is wrecking the environment.

Mr Thapa said, “I will demand to form committee to address climate change and other environmental issues,

signing in the banner

Commitment: signing in the banner

when the time comes to form such committee in CA”. He further said he is ready to support the initiative taken by NYCA in any possible ways he could. He added, “It would be very convenience for any CA member if the organizer point out fundamental points on climate change to be included in constitution”.

He also signed on the commitment banner entitled “I am committed to raise issue of Climate change in CA” and for his personnel commitment Mr. Thapa said, “I am very interested to ride on Electric bike so that I can personally reduce my GHGs emission, but e-bike in market are not suitable for me as I have high mobility”.


2 Responses to “CA Members, Gagan Thapa commits to address climate change in Nepal’s upcomming constitution”

  1. Indra Raj Bhattarai said

    Fine to know about the commitment. I m a student studying EESD (Environment Education and Sustainable Development) in KU. We are studying lots about climate change. Everyone talks but action of awareness is must from now. Otherwise it will bwe late. I want to join my hands with you. Please have a contact.
    Indra Raj Bhattarai
    Kathmandu University

  2. jules said

    It’s the first time that i have heard from any representative in the C.A addressing the environmental issues at the national level.Though this kind of issues couldn’t make any important deal in the newly promulgated constitution of the country like Nepal where people are struggling basically just for their livelihood,apart from the political and economic aspects, its high time for every environmental conscious nepali youth to be concerned about solving the burning global environmental problems locally. Nepal should be efficient in solving the current and upcoming environmental hazards that could deeply affect the economy and health of the urban and suburban community. As nepal is not in the position of budgeting adequately in the environmental sector, it would be wise to adapt suitable national plans and policy so that we could have a safe environment that would’nt hinder the development of our nation. Particularly, in case of Gagan Thapa he could be the only conscious leading, youth icon for putting environmental issues as a major political agenda as a big sucess for us to see, at the present time.

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