Climate Change and Nepal


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Five days training on Community Based Adaptation to Climate change

Posted by NYCA Blogger on January 11, 2009


From last Friday, South Asian Regional pilot training on Community Based Adaptation to Climate change has started in Pokhara. The training is jointly organized by LI-BIRD, Practical Action, IIED, The Development Fund-Norway and Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies. Around 35 participants from Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, India and Bhutan are participating in the training, facilitated by experts of Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies. dsc00010


According to organizers, the training aims to enhance capacity of different stakeholders to understand climate change better and explain several frameworks, tools and technique, it also helps to facilitate planning and designing community based adaptation. 

Five days training from 9-13th January includes presentations from expert of BCAS and ICIMOD, group exercise and field visit. 


3 Responses to “Five days training on Community Based Adaptation to Climate change”

  1. Indra Raj Bhattarai said

    Fine to hear. We the students studyind Environment in the university shoud be given the opportunity to take part in such programmes.

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  3. Yuwan Malakar said

    As I was one of the participants I wish to give some coments. After completion of the training, I came to following issues:
    1. The impacts due to climate change (flood, drought etc.) mentioned in the training have various other associated components which are still to discover and it is not well identified the exact percentage of impacts contributed by climate change.
    2. Climate change adaptation project is very close to development project and it will be difficult to separate and illustrate the linkage and differences in between.
    3. People are experiencing disaster from many hundreds of years now the challenge is to convince the local community that the disasters they are experiencing now are due to change in climate.
    Though there are few challenges and issues, I truly think that the climate change is really happening and we as a LDCs need to move ahead with adaptation activities targeting those who are at risk of disaster. Few things in my opinion to initiate action against climate change are:
    1. Build wider networks and linkage among development workers and environmentalists.
    2. Create awareness to local people on adverse effects of climate change and its simple mitigation measures.
    3. Initiate intensive and scientific researches and studies to explore the climate change impacts and its severity.
    4. Identify climate vulnerability context hotspots and develop & implement context specific adaptation projects.

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