Climate Change and Nepal


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CA appeal for an urgent issue: Climate Change & Wildfires

Posted by NYCA Blogger on March 23, 2009

Press release for immediate release

Burning issue; “Wild fire and Climate Change in Nepal”

CA Member, Sunil Pant

CA Member, Sunil Pant

I am writing to express my great concern over the spread of wildfires in Nepal. These have not only caused further pollution of the air quality in Nepal but have also caused unaccountable damage to wildlife, ecosystems and natural resources including forest, rare herbs and plants, as well as increasing our overall green house gas emissions. NASA imagery and media coverage on atmospheric pollution have demonstrated that wildfires and wild spread in Nepal from East to west and from mountain to Terai. We are much too occupied with political problems and energy crises to discuss and address these burning problems.

The air quality of major cities in Nepal and South Asia generally is poor because of the Asian Brown Cloud caused by wild fires, industrial pollution, draught, and wind bringing dust from as far as the Rajesthan desert. As a result, we are experiencing increasing health-related problems – particularly respiratory problems. This problem of air pollution has also caused aeroplane landing delays due to low visibility during the day in Kathmandu.

Therefore, I would like to call on all government ministries including Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Home Affairs, Environment and Health, as well as non government organizations to take immediate measures to control the incidence of wild fires. We need to determine the cause of wildfires and enact extra measures including law policy and programs. Anecdotal information suggests that these wildfires are more often caused by humans rather than naturally. So I call on the government to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. Climate Change is now an everyday reality from international forum discussing UNFCCC COP 15 to local villages of Nepal. This year’s record breaking drought has had deeper impact on the environment and livelihoods which we have not been able to record and share. The drafting of the Constitution is important but the constitution cannot be completed properly without addressing such serious issues as addressing climate change and its grave impact on our people.

Thus I urge government, civil society, NGOs and experts to provide their views to address wildfires, climate change and environmental issues immediately and for long term through Constitutional provisions.

Thank you vety much for your cooperation and understanding on these urgent matters.

Sunil Babu Pant

Member of Constitution Assembly and parliament


2 Responses to “CA appeal for an urgent issue: Climate Change & Wildfires”

  1. creativegreenius said

    I support your efforts to deal with the wildfires of Nepal as ell as climate change and other environmental issues of your nation.

    Here in Southern California, in the United States, we suffer from an extended drought as well as other climate change related problems – like bark beetles that are destroying our pine tree forests.

    We have long experienced wildfires during the season when our hot, dry winds called the Santa Anas, blow in from the deserts. These winds spread the fires at rapid rates.

    But now, thanks to climate change our wildfire “season” is now year round and the size and scope of these fires dwarfs what we traditionally experienced.

    The problem in Nepal is the same problem in California – the greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning carbon have risen so high that they have changed the climate and created the perfect condition for more and more wildfires – among other consequences.

    We must all work together, all around the world, to stop the burning of fossil fuels and replace their use with clean, renewable energy. And we must do so with the same sense of urgency that nations use when they respond to a military attack from an enemy.

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