Climate Change and Nepal


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Gearing up to represent Nepal: the fun and beyond

Posted by NYCA Blogger on August 29, 2009

-By Alina Pokhrel

The workshop held for the SAYSoCC’09 participants was to discuss Nepal’s stand with respect to Climate Change. And discuss, we did. Technically speaking, it was neither a workshop, nor training as the organizers claimed it to be (which by definition is supposed to be boring); Rather it was an immensely fun dynamic day – with heated debate, gossips with the other participants and occasional laughter filling the room – which none of us regret attending!

Mr. Manjeet started off with asking us to share whatever we wanted to about climate change and most of us did, except for a few who took some more time to come out of their comfort zones. Not so surprisingly, those few had some astute points to share with the rest of us during the floor discussion, for which we’re all grateful. Ujjwal, one of the participants, had a lot to say in 30 seconds, and so he continued till about what seemed to last for minutes, until he was called it a stop. Nonetheless, we were quite enlightened by what our agricultural expert had to say about Climate change and its impact upon Nepal’s agrarian society.

The delegation, then, worked on presenting each thematic issue in groups– which will be discussed at SAYoSOCC’09 too. And each group came up with impressive observations and substantial points. With an overwhelming amount of things going on: Pratima’s dossier on statistics, Alina’s passion in conveying whatever little she had to say, Dipendra’s assertive questions, Kanchan’s smart answers and Prabighya’s well-formed arguments; the whole session was so lively that we stopped listening and started talking all at once and Rishi from Organizing team had to remind us to raise our hands before speaking, making everybody feel like a high-school student all over again.

Then, there was a presentation by Mr. Bhuwan on the basics and more than basics of Climate Change, which was enlightening to the all of us. So was Prabighya di’s Human knot game, intended to break the ice (a bit late considering it was near noon, however was the most amusing part in the workshop), enlightened us with the names – which Pankaj sir kept saying were beautiful – of our friends.

Although we were drained out of energy after the lunch (which was really good, let me add), we did come up with a decent draft declaration (points from which are listed below this article). The end was marked by everybody saying goodbyes, taking numbers and facebook ids, promising to write blogs and connecting through google-groups. Everybody was so excited about the 4-days residential and Pratima and Alina even volunteered to perform a folk dance number at the cultural night in the Summit.

The day was a lot of fun, with everything tailor-made with all the goodness for us. I’m betting that SAYSoCC will be an even worthwhile experience!


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