Climate Change and Nepal


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My obiter dicta to SAYSOCC

Posted by NYCA Blogger on August 30, 2009

By Rukamanee Maharjan

Too much science behind Climate change issue and international political interest of sovereign nations. . . Both are beyond the general people’s understanding. That is why SAYSOCC is important. In my subjective judgment, it could generalize the issue in layman or laywomen’s language. And the best part is that it will shade light in South Asian region’s issue and could bridge to collective bargaining in one or other way. Due to this, the expectations relating to it are quite huge and seriously concerned types.

Well, the world is always divided. So, the issues and concerns are different, the perspective and preview are diverse. This affects the process in international arena . . .and the obvious question is-“ Where is the world supposed to go with the conflict of interest?” A group of nations showing doubt on the consequences or negative effect of climate change in terms of disasters and bargaining enough or more than enough to pay adaptation fund in one or other way and in other hand, a group of nations trying to prove the consequences or negative effect of climate change beyond the reasonable doubt through long explanations and researches.  The interesting process of claim and counter-claim are the part of bargaining and negotiation. Moreover, it can provide enough ground to unite for common good. That is where the crux of SAYSOCC lies.

Referring to SAYSOCC, I am just learning more and more on the issue and SAYSoCC is to teach more and more on the issue. However, I will never make good knowledge on science of climate change and I am not much concerned about it. Because some environmental science graduates will explain that part and I am not supposed to interfere in their territory. But I’ll be keeping eyes on what my government is doing, or what the international community is doing or what is new agenda to be discussed . . . through general people’s prospect. So, I want SAYSOCC to be in simple and general language, not in technical way. I mean technicalities should be explained in general way. What if the technical experts or science graduates or senior delegates are disappointed with the general version of climate change issue or SAYSOCC . . . I hope they understand why they are called technical experts or climate change experts and not all others, right???

Let’s think about three things 1. Common public good in South Asia, 2. Balancing of Interest and 3. Collective bargaining from South Asia. . .

(Thanking the organizer team for a pre-training session for SAYSOCC on 26 August 2009, Wednesday.)

Rukamanee Maharjan
Law Student
Nepal Law Campus
Exhibition Road, Ktm, Nepal


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