Climate Change and Nepal


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Costal flooding & Climate Change: Sushila Field trip for media in gulf of Thailand

Posted by NYCA Blogger on October 5, 2009

The Flooded Temple

The Flooded Temple

WWF International organized a press trip to view the effect of costal erosion and the adaptation people are following on

the gulf of Thailand to show the effect of climate change in Thailand. We (Anil and Sushila) had also got the opportunity to be a part of the trip. It started at 9am in the morning, we gathered together and headed to Samount Sarkhon province. At bus we were introduced to each other. Mr. Kim Carstensen, Leader, WWF Global Climate Initiative gave us a brief update on the climate change negotiation.

We arrived at a local school for the launch of The Greater Mekong Climate Change Report.

The Boon of Bamboos

The Boon of Bamboos

The greater Mekong region covers  Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We then visited  KHOK KHAM Community Centre where we got to see the innovative local solutions to the impacts of climate change. Mr. Vorapol the community hero’s story was shared by himself. The visuals of his childhood home and front gate now swamped in mud was observed, then he told us the

story of his struggle and his early attempts to find a solution. We got to see the bamboo fences and plantation of mangroves for the adaptation.

We then visited a temple which was flooded some 16 years back. Everybody left the area, but after 5 years a Monk came to the place and he struggled to save the temple. It was his story for the struggle of saving a temple since 11 years and he constructed the walls just 2 years ago.

A Electric Pole in Middle of Ocean

A Electric Pole in Middle of Ocean

“Now the temple is visited by many people and people regain their faith in god”; says the Monk.

The impacts are horrible and the same can be happened everywhere around the world and also in NEPAL although we don’t have coastal region, but we do have the terai which is flooded and erosion occurs. We need to do something before it’s too late to save our planet “EARTH”.


One Response to “Costal flooding & Climate Change: Sushila Field trip for media in gulf of Thailand”

  1. Pratima said

    LOng live the monk!

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