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International Youth Intervention at the Kyoto Protocol Plenary

Posted by NYCA Blogger on October 9, 2009

DSC_4835 youth speak_s


Read by Anna Collins and Rishikesh R Bhandary on behalf of international youth

Delegates, you will remember 6 months ago we asked you how old you will be in 2050?

You seemed to notice, you responded, you bought the t shirt. But this did not translate into action

My name is Rishi and I hope to be 64 In the year 2050.

Earlier this week, we declared “no confidence” on the road to Copenhagen.

The process has been hijacked by carbon cowboys looking to profit from this crisis;

our future is being held hostage to the self-interested dirty delaying tactics of Annex 1 countries.

We have seen the arrogant betrayal of the commitments made under the Kyoto Protocol, with the perverse idea that developing countries should or can somehow act first.

History will judge you.

We witness the US deliberately undermine the negotiations by introducing language to merge the Kyoto Protocol and convention processes, tearing out compliance and top-down target setting.

Other Annex 1 countries hide behind the US to avoid their responsibilities; setting disgracefully low targets; with deceptive offset measures that amount to no real emissions cuts at all.

We will not accept a dirty deal.

Our stand is clear. Let Norway’s commitment of 40% on 1990 levels by 2020 be the minimum benchmark for real emission cuts,but with no offsets, Indigenous rights based language secured before any discussion of REDD, recognition of climate debt,
and targets of 350 ppm and 1.5 degrees Celsius.

History will judge you.

While governments are cautiously calculating their commitments based on what they believe is possible, the youth respectfully remind them that throughout history, political forces can shift rapidly when people rally together for change.

As one of the youngest people in this room, I will have to spend my life with the decisions you make today.

We have an opportunity to make some of the most profound and positive changes in the history of mankind.

Lets start acting like it.

Young people around the world are doing just that, organizing in our communities locally, nationally, and internationally, and we find our hope for the future in our movements.

We ask, will you join us? It is not too late to do your part.

The youth are leading..please follow.

History will judge this.




We, international youth, were prompted to make an intervention in the Kyoto Protocol Plenary (the closing session of one of the two negotiating tracks) as we are deeply concerned by the lack of commitments from Annex I countries. In Bangkok, we saw Annex I countries trying to shift mitigation responsibilities to developing countries completely against the principle of historical responsibility.

There have been conceptual attempts to merge the two negotiating tracks thereby coming up with a weak climate change protocol. Calling this out, youth made a particularly strongly worded intervention to not just preserve KP but to deepen and strengthen commitments.


2 Responses to “International Youth Intervention at the Kyoto Protocol Plenary”

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