Climate Change and Nepal


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Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 1, 2009

(Few days ahead of Climate Summit in Copenhagen, a team of seven youths headed towards Everest Base Camp aiming to trace climate impacts in the Himalayas and mountain communities, raising awareness of climate change among these vulnerable communities and collecting petition and signatures from the students and local communities, are back. The outputs of this campaign are scheduled to be displayed in the COP15 as a part of Mountain Action in Copenhagen to let the global communities know that how vulnerable the Himalayas are.

Seven youths trekking to Everest Base Camp held a first ever youth meet on climate change in the highest altitude (Everest Base Camp- 5600m) of the world declaring our voice calling to save the Himalayas. Most importantly urging the world leaders to make a fair, effective and equitable treaty in Copenhagen and global communities to live sustainably with nature.)  

Update from Everest base Camp


We seven youths, from the Everest Base Camp call the world leaders and global community to save the Himalayas.

Himalayas are in the frontlines of changing climate. If the global temperature increases at the current rate, there will be no more snow and glaciers in the Himalayas.

We acknowledge the fact that Himalayas are more than mountains. More than 1.4 billion people in Asia depend upon the water originating from snows and glaciers in the Himalayas. This means the life of 1.4 billion people will be in jeopardy.

We observe that the Khumbu region is home to more than 20 glaciers out of Three Thousands in the Himalayas in Nepal. For eg. Imja glacier is retreating at the rate of more than 30 metre per year. The people in Khumbu Valley are living in a constant state of fear not knowing when GLOFs will strike.

This extreme and irreversible impact, this will have to the ecosystem and biodiversity, is unpredictable and unaccountable.

We urge all the inhabitants of this world to live sustainably with nature ensuring that the future generation will have a safe and healthy world to live in.

From the first ever youth action/meet in the Himalayas (Everest Base Camp), we call for the global unity and commitment for the fight against climate change and climate injustice.

We are committed to save to save the Himalayas…..ARE YOU?

(Dawa T Sherpa, Dikshya Karki, Khasing Chandra Rai, Ngawang W Sherpa, Rajan Thapa, Prashanta Khanal, Sunil Aacharya)



  1. […] The first ever youth meet on climate change at the highest altitude in the world (Everest Base Camp- 5600m) calling to save the Himalayas. (Picture Credit: Dawa T Sherpa, Dikshya Karki, Khasing Chandra Rai, Ngawang W Sherpa, Rajan Thapa, Prashanta Khanal a…) […]

  2. Just curious..Do you see pollutants like plastic bags and waste around the base camp?

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