Climate Change and Nepal


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I was unable to answer …… On the way for [COP 15]

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 2, 2009

Manjeet Dhakal 2:45 am Dec 2, 2009

Oh ! It’s very late today and tomorrow we are leaving for Copenhagen – “Ray of hope” for poor, climate victims and rest …. You and me.

I cannot make a justice on myself, about my participation. I cannot give explanation for those all emails and wishes sent to me on phone calls and from many professionals’ friends. Some time I feel that we are going for battle, climate battle, for which we were. sharpening our sword from long time back“. I know we first picked –up the weapons on August 12, 2008, the day we took oath to fight for poor, for justice and for common better future, the day we named our campaign as “Nepalese Youth for Climate Action – NYCA”. No need to mention how the First Nepalese Youth summit and ever first regional youth gathering on CC – SAYSoCC (South Asian Youth Summit on Climate change) has brought together national and regional youth voices in a common forum.

I just checked UNFCCC web stuff, Executive Secretary, Yvo de Boer has said, “The United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen (COP 15) will be a turning point in the fight to prevent climate disaster.” I do hope this will be the turning point, this time world leaders will come-up with some agreement that prevents us from the mentioned climate disaster.

Just few days ago I had been to Mongla in Bangladesh and saw why the people are forced to drink the saline water, I have heard many times my father from my village telling me, “this time there was no regular rainfall and we have very less production in our farm”, we have read many stories in daily news paper, how the people are affected by changing climate.

I really feel very difficult to answer those innocent questions of my father telling me, why there was no regular rainfall? Why there is fluctuation in farm production every year? What could be the possible solutions? I vow of silence most of the time. This morning he called me and asked, Are you going to Copenhagen to find solution for all these problem? How I can tell a lie to my Dad, ………..

Again I would borrow the phrase mentioned in Nepal’s Status paper for COP 15, “COP 15 as a Ray of Hope” I am worried how the days (negotiation) goes on progress Dec 6 to Dec 18 in Copenhagen.


One Response to “I was unable to answer …… On the way for [COP 15]”

  1. Myself said

    I really wish we could negotiate. I bet we would do something bhanya. That’s action in front of the plenary was overwhelming. =0)
    We are great! hehe

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