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5 days at COP: My personal insight

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 10, 2009

By Amita

In the city of Hopes, millions and millions people around the globe from the COP are keeping an eye towards the COP Outcomes, surely to have a aimbitious and fair climate deal.

Even I am counting with others with the same HOPE and hoping for the best being hopeful. : )

So far..,a brief from my prospect

Day 1: Dec 5, 2009

We arrived at the Copenhagen early in the morning of 5th Dec 2009 around 6:30 am. Kanchan, Pragati and me were together from Kathmandu to here. The very day when we arsrive here was the date of COY ( Conference of Youths). We were really excited to join there and also as were suggested to move to the conference directly (as it was starting from 8am we had to rush). Holding the heavy bags and the luggages, we went to our destination with the name of University in the hand.

The bags were big because, a) warm clothes and b) more clothes

Then went off quickly but couldn’t find the venue directly. Believe me, it was so exhausting that..I guess it would have taken more than 20 minutes for a normal 5 minute walk. Anyhow we managed and got into the friends contact and got into the COY…eyyy  we made to the venue.

Then we got back to the accommodation, put our luggage and get back again for the COY. By the time we got back, we could only managed to attend in the plenary and last parallel session. Nevertheless, we had a Nepalese Youth Delegation meeting and got to know all the happenings of the day.

Day 2: Dec 6, 2009

We got up early and went directly to the Bella Center to have our card and the Travel pass. All of us were so excited in the train regarding how actually the Bella Centre and the whole scenario would have been. Finally, we got out off the station and stared all along the place of negotiations. Video and Photographs!! I was taking simultaneously. Then we got our card and the travel pass and then came back to the COY Conference.

I attended the Plenary after lunch and since there was a session in regional breakout, I went to the South Asian Meetings. We discussed on how we can effectively work on the common South Asian Action event at the COP. But the discussion was not into the concrete way. Everybody realized that we need to do and also many ideas came into

Then after, I along with all the youths present at the COY witnessed a Motivated and Bold words by, current Executive Director of the Greenpeace International. It was simply great and highly inspiring for all the youths just before the Negotiations at COP. As his words, “Yes we can, we must and we will”

We were then in the British Council Briefing after the COY. It was a long yet good sharing regarding the sharing form the BC representatives. Also, the sharing from Wilson and Najib as a part of YOUNGO was informative.

Day 3: Dec 7, 2009

The third day was the big one, Dec 7th and the start of the COP. We got into the Bella Center before the Plenary and had the daily Program schedule but everybody was not allowed in the Plenary Hall so we had to manage to watch in the television which was telecasted. The whole center is so big and it is not difficult to get lost in the crowd. Got around the center and make a sense of things what’s really happening. Then marked a list of few things I must follow looking at the booklet of UNFCCC and managed to note some events.

Then, I got into a couple of sessions.

  • Plan B for Climate Stabilization
  • Global Observatory- What is COP 15 all about??

It was well informative session. After the session, we joined at the reception hosted by the UNFCCC at the City Center. After that we also did enjoy the Hopenhagen LIVE concert being performed by the local Danish Bands. Great atmosphere.

Day 4: Dec 8, 2009

This day I went to the Future Culture Events. The conference was actually organized to have a sharing on the cultural approach to the Climate Change. And by the time I was in the Bella Center, I could only manage to look around few of the booths in Youth Arcade. Oh yes, I got to get in the Mountain meeting where we were discussed about our Action framework: what, why, how, where to do the action, Mountain Action.

And most probably the highlight for me, as I started and posted my first ever blog. Yes, it was my first piece!!

Thanks Nazzina for helping me : ) and you can just see how excited I was as I posted 3 blogs simultaneously. And even didn’t notice that it was already half past nine there.

Day 5: Dec 9, 2009

This is the day, I got an insight how the Conferences took ahead with all the issues, text, intervention and the whole debate. The meeting was of CMP and the parties were on the discussion of different issues. Also, the debate on the Contact group, whether to put or not, everybody has their own views and support. Sometimes, I feel how can XX country said like this?? Ohh, better they would have said like this and that.., I thought!!

Also, I was impressed with some of the countries who were able to make their voices vocal. So vocal, wow!!

Let’s see ahead!!


One Response to “5 days at COP: My personal insight”

  1. Sushila said

    great amita,,, hope to see a lot of daily updates … despite this bg schedule great job AMI…..

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