Climate Change and Nepal


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Youth Voice in Plenary

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 10, 2009

Nepal’s voice is heard in the plenary, the way we spread our vulnerability and need for adaptation is now getting hotter and people are feeling it.

Sushila Pandit blogging from Copenhagen, COP15

 Text of the speech:

“Thank you for the floor, Madame President. Vulnerable people world-wide are already suffering the impacts of a warming planet: the World Health Organization estimates that climate change contributes to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses annually. These effects will only increase in their severity and universality. In addition to ambitious and binding emissions reductions, you must commit to adequate adaptation funding for affected communities now; here, in Copenhagen. People around the world are already taking steps to preserve their lives and livelihoods. Farmers develop high yield grains to address food shortages, women plant trees to mitigate drought, and coastal communities organize to prepare for the next storm. I too am willing to adapt. This is my adaptation promise: As a youth from an Annex 1 country, I will gladly give 25 cents a day for climate resilience. With 25 cents a day, my friends in the Maldives can retain their national sovereignty. With 25 cents a day, my sisters in Bangladesh can implement rapid response systems to save their families in flash floods. With just 25 cents a day, my peers in Nepal can develop water resource management for when their glaciers melt. I call on wealthy governments to give at least $100 billion dollars per year to an adaptation fund that is accessible, democratically-run and accountable to the UN treaty. These grants must be additional to existing ODA and commensurate with the immense scale of our countries’ historical contributions to this global crisis. This is not a question of aid, but of just compensation. Only 25 cents a day per Annex 1 citizen is all it would take.” Thank you to Amira Karim, Katherine Phillipson, Jess LeClair and Marielle Remillard for being such a great speech-writing and support team!

She also mentioned that the fellow friends from Nepal thanked her for mentioning Nepal in the text. It’s a great effort of all of us always highlighting the issues of Nepal wherever possible.

Also, 101 climate hotspots ie vulnerable spot has a photo exhibition in open space in place called Kogen where a very ,large size of Imja Lake is placed , i will post the image by tomorrow… till then we will be spreading our countries voice.

For detail :


3 Responses to “Youth Voice in Plenary”

  1. robin said

    with 25 cents a day,we shud construct roads to evacuate vulnerable area in need,not a lollypop protocol to sell your writing a poem and selling mere publications, when vulnerable communities are still vulnerable..

  2. promod said

    Nepal seems to be victimized of what one said. just see news, there are no other things than ministers said this .. and that. we need action man!. Whats the reason of climate change? how can we address that? simply target that…

  3. promod said

    why youth, youth and youth…? first find out problem and search the right solution. if you run besides this unnecessary things nothing is going to happen. why need to we hear CA members and ministers? we are experts, not those. Its our duty to formulate soultions and give them the suggestions for implementions. if you started firstly to hear their voice, nothing will be on the part of result.

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