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G77 Plus China- Fractured?

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 11, 2009

Rishi blogging from Copenhagen

The lines are getting clearer every second. The Danish proposal helped to show where some Annex 1 countries like the US, UK and Denmark want out of Copenhagen.

The so called ‘BASICS’ text supported by the advanced developing countries has come and out as well. Some key features:

A legally binding agreement by June 2010

Intersessionals between January and June to hammer out a deal.

Common theme for the text: Right to development under equitable conditions

 All nationally appropriate mitigation actions to be supported and enabled by developed countries (financing, capacity and  so on).

These countries seem to have revolved the text around the potential actions that the developed countries could take in response to these countries not taking mitigation cuts.

This paragraph elucidates this well:

Parties shall not resort to any form of unilateral measures including fiscal and non fiscal border measures, against goods and services imported from other parties in particular from developing countries on grounds of stabilization and mitigation of climate change.

LDCs have not been given any special considerations at all.

Their love for carbon markets is also clear:

Carbon markets can be complementary for the fund [climate change fund]

The aforementioned line is for financing not only for mitigation, plus, it calls for complementary funds instead of supplementary ones.

As accusations have started flying around about Tuvalu being bought by the Americans to split the blocs, one can wonder what the BASICS text is doing to G77 plus China.

I was surprised to hear the attacks against the Tuvalu proposal that charged Tuvalu for trying to kill the  Kyoto protocol when it has firmly asserted that the Kyoto Protocol needs amendments and that they simply want a legally binding text by the end of next week.

Look out for more updates on the AOSIS position soon.


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