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Latest LCA Text is Out!

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 11, 2009

Rishi blogging from Copenhagen

The chairs released the latest negotiating text this morning.

Temperature increase limit of 1.5 has made its entry as an option along with 2.0.

The scale of emissions reductions by 2020 could range any where from 25 to 45 percent of 1990 levels

The text has established a clear link between the Kyoto Protocol and the scope of LCA. Those that are parties to the Kyoto Protocol will make reductions as per Annex B of KP while those that are not parties will make reductions listed in Appendix 1 of the decision

Though the text clearly recognizes the need to scale down emissions considerably, where these emission reductions will take place is still murky. How extensively will the carbon market be used, esp for offsets generated in developing countries?

Developing countries need support for mitigation actions. Whether only supported mitigation actions are to be MRVed or ‘autonomous’ ones as well is still up for debate.

The Australian proposal of schedules seems to have fallen through for the developed countries. It still exists in brackets for the developing country mitigation actions though.

No promise of support for national communications has been mentioned. Though LDCs and SIDs have been given some flexibility in terms of the frequency of the communication reports, how these countries will muster the resources to do these communications is not understood.

REDD plus has been firmly established – conservation of carbon stocks and enhancement of forest carbon stocks have both been included.

The text is not clear at all on what sort of a financial mechanism we can expect. ‘Operationalizing’ a mechanism under the Convention could result in the same disaster that GEF is right now. Plus, paragraph 42 shows the direction where COP finance is heading. (That the Conference of Parties shall enter into an agreement with [Z], serving as an operating entity of the…) How do we escape this trap? Every time LDCs ask for an independent funding mechanism that is directed by Parties, it ends up landing on the laps of the World Bank.

The source of these funds is entirely bracketed. Parties could be contributing to the fund based on their scale of contributions that is “assessed” or “indicative”.

More updates very soon!

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  1. credit restoration…

    So many different ideas listed here – amazing…..

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