Climate Change and Nepal


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Together we can-Youths from South to North

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 12, 2009

Sangita Blogging from Copenhagen….

I believe that the youths are the power to lead yet had the blur vision to too see it in reality. If you ask me a question “what are the things that youth can do?” my answer would be definitely everything but how was questionable to myself! Today I am glad to have a great avenue. As a youth delegate from Nepal I am here in Copenhagen Denmark on. The conference of Youth (COY) as milestone for youths from around was organized by YOUNGO on 5th and 6th Dec 2009.Hundreds of youth from around the world were exploring the strategies to combat climate change. The stories on how can we make the issues of climate change more viable was in discussion for each of us; representative from U.K, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands ,Egypt and Nepal Geographically, it was the discussion among the youths from South and North with surface to intensive experience about the impacts of climate change in home country.

The discussion went on exploring where we stand our self from individual country ,climate change and how it is it is being picked up in UNFCCC’s COP 15 here in Copenhagen. The north to be from privileged society did not have anything to do with poverty and its dependency to agricultural. Despite it was the fact from those like me from south. It is true that young people have enthusiasm, imagination and abundant energy to undertake local actions, act as effective communicators in their communities and be involved in international arenas. But I became so happy to hear the statement that made by one of my friend in the group from U.S.A. that “I am guilty to be from privileged society, even though our political leaders cannot take millions of poor people’s life into their pocket, it’s us the youth to make the voice of victims be heard. It is not the issue of youth from south or north but is the common agendas of we the global youth .The statement on me made a great impact in terms of emotional bonding as I was the only one from the south which is more vulnerable to impacts of Climate Change. I then believed “together it is possible” to use our immense potential to force the governments have a moral responsibility to deliver a fair, ambitious and binding deal in Copenhagen. It is the solidarity, harmony and unified voice from south to north the answer to the how question that we have. The fight among young people to stop global warming is not merely whom is from where, it has become the common bond to unite a generation to save our mother earth. One more time yes “Together we can”!!!


One Response to “Together we can-Youths from South to North”

  1. thats the sprit sweety!
    Keep it up.

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