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“First deliver on Kyoto targets”

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 14, 2009

Rishi blogging from Copenhagen

Africans along with the LDCs were supported by the G77 as they moved to block negotiations. They demanded numbers from Annex 1 countries and two separate plenaries as the argue that efforts are underway to merge the two tracks.

The Pan African Press Release is posted below:

Pan-African Parliamentarians on Climate Change

African Parliamentarians express grave concern for about the climate negotiations and the attempts of the COP Presidency to kill the Kyoto Protocol. The two tracks must be kept and industrialized countries must first deliver on their Kyoto targets.

Copenhagen 14 December 2009

African Parliamentarians are very concerned by the recent attempts of the COP Presidency to merge the two negotiation tracks during the climate negotiations in Copenhagen. This would effectively kill the Kyoto Protocol and ruin the hopes for a fair and effective outcome from the Copenhagen meeting.

We are outraged with the lack of transparency and democracy in the process. The COP President is not taking African positions properly into account, says Honorable Awudu Mbaya Cyprian, Executive President of the Pan-African Parliamentarians on Climate Change.

Its better not to sign anything at Copenhagen, rather than signing the death warrant for African People. We also urge our Ministers and our leaders not to accept direct negotiations without consulting the negotiators, who have been working tirelessly ever since this process began says Hon. Awadu.

Parliamentarians from all over Africa is encouraging their negotiators and urge them to stay united. Africa must stand by the decision and keep on pushing for a two-track approach with two transparent and democratic

The death of the Kyoto Protocol is a crude death for Arica. We urge our leaders not to sign any deal that will results in death for Africa, says Honorable Awudu Mbaya Cyprian, President of the Pan-African Parliamentarians on Climate Change.

If there is no second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol climate change impacts in Africa will surely increase rapidly with devastating results. These numbers must first be delivered before we can proceed on the outcome of the other negotiations.

The COP President must now act as the neutral secretariat to ensure transparency in all negotiations.

This effectively means without the numbers (targets and money) things aren’t moving any forward. The schedule for informals presupposes a convergence of tracks- completely unacceptable to Africans and LDCs in particular. This will probably be resolved as soon as amendments are made.

Look out for more updates!


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