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How Old will Obama be by 2050?

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 20, 2009

Sangita Blogging from Copenhegan.

U S president Obama in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly had said that ‘US will lead on climate and energy stating the statement that US must seize the opportunity to make Copenhagen a significant step forward in the global fight against climate change’.

As of his fascinating speeches are concerned,it was highly expected from around the world that he will deliver the commitments with deeper emission cuts by harnessing the alternative energy and making energy-efficient America.In a presidential campaign,Obama had assured that America would be a leader on climate policy.Having an image of powerful leader in the history of United States, his presence in COP 15 on 18th of Dec in Copenhagen was a big concern for entire planet.

President Obama landed in to Copenhagen in an air craft written ‘President of United Stated of America’ as big as people thing of him. Being one of the participant of COP 15 I was also desperate to hear words from him full of actions right there .This was definitely for saving environment and climate victims who are literally not responsible for climate change.Beside an observer to COP 15 I have also observed the dangerous impacts of climate change,it was obvious to expect a step forward to commitment to have a legally binding climate treaty by America.Instead, the overall text of the speech went to crap except his two nice word that ‘I am here for not to talk but to act’. In contrary, it was reverse.It touched me so much deep inside that he just created an illusion to the world. Despite the fact that he has both the authority to regulate green house gas emissions under the Clean Air Act and an admitted moral responsibility to commit US to an international agreement on climate change.

He has proudly mentioned that America will be financing up to $10 billion by 2012 to least developed countries, vulnerable to climate change as adaptation fund but no one knows how ? at least not me.He is confident that all major economies must put forward decisive national actions to reduce their emissions, but he is not sure of signing legally binding documents. Obama is proud of being renowned in the leadership within international climate negotiations,which I would say is not more than a pejudice.Infact,leadership means legally binding climate agreement for climate justic.An effective deal to reduce emissions by 40% by 2020 not just 17% and he is negotiating to reduce emission by 80% by 2050,just guess I would be with a lot of unanswerable questions on climate victims by my grand children but how old will Obama be by 2050?


10 Responses to “How Old will Obama be by 2050?”

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  10. Alina said

    Really, but come to think of it, Obama needed a “fair deal on Climate change more than anyone else at COP15” because people had a great deal of expectations from him. He has a huge senate and a whopping 65 million voters to please back home. I honestly thought he would do everything he could to come out of a good deal from Copenhagen. Sigh.
    Read Guardian ko kunni kun article. says China is to blame.

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