Climate Change and Nepal


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COP reflections

Posted by pokhrelalina on December 29, 2009


(A lot of commentaries have been written on the outcome of this ‘historic’ meet, and they’ve obviously been influenced by the writer’s nationality or opinions or all of the above. Perhaps this one is too.)

From what I saw, heard and read, Copenhagen Accord is nothing but a dud deal. Undeniably, Action fell well short of what is required to save our people from climate calamities we will be facing in the coming future. We didn’t just want a deal for the sake of it. A fair deal was NEEDED. Climate change had NECESSITATED us to strike a planet saving deal: a prerequisite of some sort if we are to enjoy the fruits of our labour without the constant danger of a looming environmental disaster. And so, the assertion of Obama’s document “saving” the summit is complete BS. It is quite shameful that Obama thinks coming up with some wishy-washy deal for the sake of it is “saving” anything at all. If he thinks it’s going to save millions of people, thousands of communities and hundreds of nations from the climate catastrophes that we will inevitably face in the days to come, then I, for one, really doubt his intelligence! And I don’t see how ANY nation (read: China, India, USA, Bangladesh –add more- ) can be satisfied with such an outcome. Really, a spineless document is nothing to be satisfied about.

It is also quite obvious that good intentions are not enough. We need numbers. And targets. And Goals. Not some document which merely outlines a “political will to urgently combat climate change”. Thus far, we have all seen what “political will” has achieved: Wasted years of fruitless negotiations.

Wait a minute. If I know anything at all about climate change, then I know that it’s NOT a political issue. That is what my intellect tells me. But it clearly doesn’t matter if I think it’s not a political issue. It has already been turned into one: everything has come down to who-wins-who, it’s all about the “survival of the richest and the most powerful”. Fierce competition. We’re always in the rush to be on the top, to be the super power, to win, so much so that we’ve forgotten the whole idea of a TEAM:





Brotherhood. Humanity and Civilization. Togetherness. They’re all mere concepts now. I cannot even begin to imagine where we’d be if we worked together thinking about collective profits and collective gains instead of personal ones – it would be a world to watch, I swear on my life.

I, personally, started my journey as a person with immense zeal and passion, determination and drive to bring about some change, but who had never translated them into action. In the buildup to Copenhagen, I actually got to translate my words into actions. I voiced out my concerns in so many actions and campaigns. I saw my friends do the same. And I really was in anticipation of a treaty that ensured action on the leaders’ part too and not just ours. I really thought that the leaders would act for the welfare of humanity regardless of national borders. I really thought that the leaders would speak for the ones being led. I really thought they’d act like members of a global village, and march together, without leaving any country behind.

Many are disappointed and I am no exception. But let’s not mourn this dud deal anymore. The planet is still warming up, and so must we, in our efforts. Take heart, it’s not all lost. This world is definitely not a utopia and we all have been trying. Let’s dare to be more ambitious and lead our world to a zero-carbon future. Let’s question our leaders. Let’s push them more. Let’s make them act. Let’s “heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me, and the entire human race.” 🙂

(And I have to write this one: Let’s become the “United States of the world!” yay! 🙂 )


One Response to “COP reflections”

  1. Prashanta said

    Alinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..that’t great..loved it and inspiring

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