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Looking Back NYCA 2009, what I feel

Posted by Amita on January 7, 2010

FInally I change the calendar of the wall after 7 days of the new year. Yes its already been 7 days and now I am replacing the year 2009 by 2010. I am thinking how quickly the time flies, very very fast, its just feels if I have just spent the New Years Eve for the 2009 and its already the next ONE>
Well..2009 has past by, but the memories it beholds is unlimited, simply the best part moving in the life, in Nepalese Youth for Climate Action ( NYCA ).
I unfolded the 2009 calender and I could easily capture the pictures flashes of the activities we did in the entire year. Images from the Valentines day, Eco Football, South Asian Youth Summit and of course the Trolley Marriage are revolving around my mind. I simply then looked up step by step as I went remembering every single event, I was going high and high..I stopped because I realized that now I might just fall looking very up ( beyond 90 degree) I just mean that we did a lot of work in the year but still feels like we were just formed a couple of months ago..infact now we are 17 months old.
Year 2009 has been a remarkable year for us, NYCA really. The Climate yatra from Kathmandu to Copenhagen has been phenomenal. It should and would be beyond that certainly even more comprehensive.
What didn’t we do in this course??
I remember the Valentine’s Day 09 when we along with other friends gathered in Bhaktapur Siddhapokhari distributing plants to  the couples and conveyed the message to “Plant a Tree and grow in Love”. What a place and the day to do that actually?? The perfect couples looked really imperfect holding the gifts ( saplings ). The lovely atmosphere became even more lively with the plants, yes!! and this was just a start..

Great planning and preparation was made for the Water Week. An organizing committe of different organizations and groups were made and NYCA was an active part of the organizing committee. Sushila and Dipesh did really hard to represent the best in this. This time also we collected the messages on Water and published in the The Himalayan Times, as used to do in the the Global day of Action ( climate message for that)

“Nepalese Youth for Climate Action in Coordination with Headlines” was the cover page of the magazine published on the occasion of Earth Day. Late late hour work and pretty much challenges managing the articles and interviews and distributing the magazine, Anil would have known the best. The product we got was really worthy and we tried to outreach it as far  as we could. Few friens carried to their trip, few to their home local organizations and through the network in our touch . The whole issue for the Climate Change,

headed to some hard times as well. The day was big and so was our anticipation for the World Environment Day. And the theme was perfect ‘ Your Planet needs you, UNite to Combat Climate Change”. It was some 20 days before the June 5th, we had a plan and program to organize a Football Match between the Celebrities, Singers, Artists vs the CA members, Business Entrepreneurs and Environmentalists. We had our Dream Team.
I don’t know how we thought to approach to the corporates for this program, because we never have had such experience. Believe me, we dropped the proposal in almost all banks, corporate groups CG, Mayos etc,  in the Telecommunications and everywhere possible. The hard one, I must say, knocking door of most of the Consultancies, ohh!! it was really hard for us, Its not only that they did not hear us but completely underestimated. It was teary moment.
Nevertheless, high hopes and hard work paid off, we got the sponsorship. Yeah.. and also many schools, colleges and media houses supported us.
How do you feel when you have real thing as perfect as your dream?? It was the same moment for  all of us, the energetic crowd, the dream team, wonderful wonderful March of the school students with banners, posters and drums, exciting match  and..singing our National Anthem all in ONE VOICE, it can’t be better than that.
At the same time we were developing the concept of organizing the South Asian Youth Summit on Climate Change (SAYSoCC). It was Abhishek who initiated to build on the concept. The discussion was slowly starting up for the program.
Simultaneously we were also moving very well with our Climate Talk, which was organized every alternate Friday at the ENPHO Hall. The no. of audience was ever increasing and increasing which really indicated us how seriously the youths are taking the issue of Climate Change.
Within the very year, we did coordinate with the Ministry of Environment in organizing different events, one of which is the NAPA Youth Consultation. National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) is very important for our country as this provided the basis of the project and program implementation in climate Change.
Now, we were well ahead for the SAYSoCC in terms of responsibility division within the network, having good coordination with other youth network across South Asia. The significant one is that, Srilanka and Bangladesh formed youth network during the whole SAYSoCC going on. (Recently, Bhutan has also a Youth Network formed after the SAYSoCC).
We were all really excited for the first anniversary of NYCA, August 10th. We thought to do this, that and what what?? It was the time when Anil was studying about the Trolley Bus: its history and the projected future, getting all along with the trolley people. We all get to the point in organizing relevant program in the Trolley Office itself in the International Youth Day. And what he came up with was really surprising, “Trolley Marriage”
How come trolley marriage?? this was the question in all he minds. Actually, by that time, out of several buses operated since decades, only two were operational at that time. Marriages are also the indication to reproduce. Actually the marriage program was arranged wishing for more and more reproduction of the Trolley Buses. And this event created the Media Buzz in the city. the daily newspaper followed by the day after was filled with the colors of Trolley Marriage. I was indeed the so far best media coverage by then.
By that time, the reverse countdown to the SAYSoCC had already started. We had Thematic, Logistics, Fund Raising, Volunteers, communications and a National Coordinator to share the roles and responsibilities. Regular meetings of the team and with donor was frequent. Hard work on the program schedule and finalizing the resource person, and that was the essence…
Then came the very much anticipated time Sep. Our participants came on 2nd of Sep and few on the 3rd morning. It was a good time with good people in c very green place and a great networking. The four day Summit was just flew in a short time.
The sharing and the reflections by the participants at the last day at the dinner at Bhojan Griha compiled how the SAYSoCC meant, and it was Huge.
Actually that week when we were busy in SAYSoCC, there were other big conferences going on. Our NYCA team did a performance.

Performance in a Conference?? might sound weird, but it was great…and indeed very well received. Actually it was our team who sang the environmental song with the message in the traditional attire and way. And what was great was, the very own Sarangi was tuned for the song.

It all went well.

Then was the time to gear up for the COP preparation and the other activities-

November and December were like very high time for NYCA. We did lots of activities under the banner of our campaign ” STOP Melting Life, Save the Himalayas”

The campaign was launched in the Basantapur launching a Mountain Community Model there in a Press Conference.

We did the school activities and the Regional Workshop in Easter and Central Development Region. We accomplished that along with the Letter to Global Community Competition. For the COP preparation we did a Pre- COP Consultation.

Oh we also had the Climate Advocacy training, starting at the same day of the Launching of the campaign. The training was full of skillful knowledge including  leadership, Public Speaking, Making news and articles, Blogging and what more. I hope most of the trainees have utilized the best of that training.

This was the time, a team left for the Everest Basecamp for the Basecamp to Copenhagen campaign. It was tough you know, Everest basecamp and the tickets and lodges for Nepali, was a kind of difficulty. For the route management also, we tried to consult with as many people who knew exactly about there. In the course, we talked with Dawa Steven Sherpa, Ms. Ang Dawa Sherpa and other mates. Finally, the team sent the message from there that they had had the meeting at the Basecamp. Oh my god, it was such a happy moment. All of us back here little worried, regarding the health implications they can face. But amazing, they all didn’t have anything. May be their courage and the passion to spread the climate change awareness and messages in the schools and community provided the strength. And Ya, they did a signature campaign there, in the Banner written with “STOP Melting Life, SAVE the Himalayas”
The  Basecamp team successfully did the task and came back to Kathmandu.

And, the Youth cabinet meeting was held in Basantapur Dabali, remarking as the Basantapur Basecamp Meeting on the first week of December. They simulated as the Ministers and other officials and negotiated trying in getting to the conclusion.

Dec, 2 the NYCA team left for the COP. The activities in the International Mountain Day ( 11 Dec) and the Global Day of Action ( Dec12) went parallely here in Nepal and the Copenhagen.


We attended the Conference of Youths (COY), did a Press Conference inside Bella Centre for the Mountain Action. On the Mountain Action, we along with Indian Youth Climate Network and other youth networks across South Asia and many more from other region actively participated in the Action. We sang the mOuntain Chant, get the Mountain Pledges signed. Same day, we also Marched past along the streets of Copenhagen in the freezing cold chanting “save save save, save Himalaya save” It seemed as if the Bella Center and the streets were full of Mountain voices.

There was a Press Conference organized by the Indian Govt., though only Indian Press were allowed, we made there as the Environment Minitser Mr. Jairam Ramesh was speaking there. Because we wanted to show our concern and hand the letter over his statement that ” There is no conclusive scientific evidence between Global warming and the Glaciers Retreat’. and we did that on the behalf of South Asian Youths. It was Alina who gifted the letter to Mr. Ramesh. And that was not the end, we showed him how much important is that for us, and tried to throw voices like “No more dirty politics and “There is evidence.

Als0, we got to witness the HUGE rally , in the Global Day of Action and participate in that. It was crazy, the action and act of people conveying the message to the leaders. Full of colors, enthusiasm and youth activism, amazing!!

Oh , I want add here an important point, Manjeet  Dhakal was in the Government delegation. Yes, he was. And it was great for us as youth, to have him in the delegation.

Simultaneously, there was a Climate Concert back at home in Basantapur. The whole atmosphere was beautiful,and people at their feet. The messages flown in between the performance really conveyed the messages that we wanted to give.

I am getting very concise towards the end part, thought it might take longer time ti go through. : ))

Anyways, we can always talk and share about this if you want ( in detail), Yup

Ohh how come I forget the Guys Trek to Tilicho?? O that was very informative, they gathered a lot of information and the whole adventure.


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