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Young and Future Generations Day in Cancun

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 4, 2010


Christiana Figueres in our 'blue YOUNGO tee" at a side event on YFG Day

During the press conference for YFG day

YFG day was massive in Cancun this year. We wanted to bring the  stakes of our generation, and the need for inter generational implementation to the attention of the decision makers present here. We wanted to bundle all the positive energy young people have to offer into a framework where additional and spontaneous initiatives coming from young people can take their own place.

We all know that the young and future generations will feel the consequences of the decisions made, or not made, in Cancun. Hence our voices – the voices of young people – should be heard and taken into account while making decisions which affect our lives today and will shape our world tomorrow. And while we are grateful to the UNFCCC Secretariat for all its efforts to increase youth participation, it shouldn’t just stop yet. The planet is still warming up and so must we in our efforts.

That’s the message we spread through our actions all day. The silent line up in the morning was to signify how we’ve been silenced by the UNFCCC. The WAGGGS dance which was happening in the Messe, Moon Palace and other parts of the world all at the same time was to show our solidarity and that we 1000 Youths in Cancun represent 3 billion all over the world. “Out future is being sold” action was particularly successful in garnering media attention because of the strong message and visuals behind it. There were side events through out the day; the one with Christiana Figueres was particularly inspiring, and will post another blog on that shortly.

At a side event with SustainUS, Canadian Delegation and Clean Energy Nepal

Equity is undoubtedly under-valued in the UNFCCC process and this is one of the main messages we as youth have been pushing forward with the most legitimacy. The young people urged all member states to put inter generational equity on the agenda, all nations to push for ambitious targets that will protect my generation. We, youth, are constructive partners in negotiations with insight and innovative perspectives. We are implementers of solutions, with the capacity to exceed current targets through our own actions in communities and countries. We, thus, urge all member states present in Cancun to please follow our lead and understand the necessity of international cooperation and concern for the welfare of the young and future generations regardless of national borders.

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