Climate Change and Nepal


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Youth constituency intervention in KP session in Bangkok Climate Talk

Posted by NYCA Blogger on April 8, 2011

Nepalese youth delegate Ms. Sushila Pandit delevering speech on behalf of YOUNGO.

During the first day of on a future commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol in Bangkok, Thailand, a representative of YOUNGO (the official Youth Constituency at the UNFCCC) encouraged negotiators to finish the work they came here to do – and agree to a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol.

April 5th, 2011. Bangkok, Thailand

Thank you to the chair, my name is Sushila Pandit from Nepal…speaking on behalf of youth constituency.  To many of the youth  in our constituency which means you have been negotiating all my life. In this time, I have seen the Kyoto Protocol ratified by 193 parties,  with ongoing UNFCCC talks attended by hundreds of thousands of people and I have seen the livelihoods of at least 10 countries come closer to destruction.

This session in Bangkok must steer the global community in a positive direction that is forward-looking and ambitious. The sessions this year are stepping stones to a legally binding and meaningful treaty in Durban, we must make progress at every stepping stone along the way.

One of these stepping stones is solidifying a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol so that we continue to work towards our overarching objective of a legally binding agreement in Durban.

The second stepping stone is one of equity and justice – we ask for Annex 1 parties to be leaders in supporting the core principle of common but differentiated responsibilities

You are all in this room to make difficult decisions, and to undertake difficult negotiations. The fact that this is a room full of nations with competing interests is no excuse for achieving the sole purpose for why you are here – to set legally binding and specific targets.

We ask for a second commitment period, for the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities to be recognised, and for specific targets to be locked in during this session in Bangkok. That is also realised that rules matter, we have heard this being spoken by many of youths at the workshop on Sunday. The continued lack of clarity what target means in terms of actual  quantifiable reduction confuses us and undermines the good faith between the country. We are convinced that on way or other, all countries will need to embrace cleaner development. Those willing to engage first in this step will undeniably benefits from the leadership.

The Cancun Agreements gave countries a clear window of opportunity to show bold leadership. We are asking you to step and lead with clarity, transparency, comprehensiveness and accountability.

Thank you


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