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Pokhara: From an eye of a cyclist

Posted by NYCA Blogger on June 9, 2012

– Khashing Rai (blogging from Pokhara, Third Nepalese Youth Climate Summit)

I, being a cyclist always see the places from cyclist point of view. I always ask question to myself; why this place or city can’t be a cycle friendly city with all those cycling infrastructure required for a cyclist to pedal without any fear in his/her heart. I am motivated whenever I see people on cycle whether child, young ones or old ones who are in 2nd innings of their life. If all the people start to cycle for shorter distance then “the world would be a better place to live” and all the conferences and summits holds no importance for a place to negotiate. Most of the problems would be solved. You name the problem and the answer will always be a CYCLE. For example: You are always late for your work, You are bored with the chaos of city, Shortage of Petrol, price hike of petroleum products,no electricity for pumping water and many more………..

Pokhara city; must be in a bucket list of many people whether Nepali or foreigner. It’s my 3rd visit to Pokhara and it’s for the paper presentation in 3rd Nepalese Youth Summit. This time the stay was managed quite far from Lake Side, can be called a country side of Pokhara. Most of the time was spent on the summit so, had a very few time for a visit. From our place it took nearly 1 hour to reach lake side by foot and on cycle it’s nearly 20 minutes. The nearby places to visit are Mahendra pool and Chipledhunga and its 20 minutes by foot. The time to reach Chipledunga by foot equals the time to reach Lakeside on cycle. Almost all the participants left Pokhara after completion of summit while few of us decided to stay to explore few places. We decided to visit Peace Pagoda, Davisfall, Mahendra Cave and Bat cave. We thought a bus would be better to reach lakeside so, we took a bus. But the bus rested double the time at bus stand than it ran. This way to reach a place of 10 minutes it took 30 minutes. Even the people of Pokhara are used to it and they seemed in no hurry. We were like WTF Are they doing; even the people walking by the side of bus overtook us. The frustration got severe as mercury was on high point. The short hike to Peace Pagoda and the views from that place somewhat reduced the frustration and provided peace. By the way the taste of water of that place was way better than what we used to have for 3 days. The paragliders gave the impression of the dragon fly seen during Dashain (the biggest festival of Hindus celebrated in the month of September/October). Those who wished to fly like a bird must paraglide in Pokhara. Boating in Fewa Lake along with swimming must have pleased others (Rajan, Sujan, Dinesh) except Bimal and I. For Mahendra cave, we took a bus to Bagar then to Mahendra Cave; same not so good experience of bus but the assistant of bus from bagar to Mahendra cave was funny and talkative. The rain interrupted our visit to other places. In a day, we could only visit these few places. Then back to the training center.

Suggestions: To visit more places in a day must hire a cycle for a day. Mahendra cave, Bat cave, Davis Falls, Pame (for fish) and other places could be easily explored on cycle in a day. Explore lake side during the evening time; try the street foods, pizzas, and other food.  Then next day hire a boat for a day in Fewa Lake and at the same time hike up to Peace Pagoda and can spend a half/whole day boating and swimming in lake. Hiring a cycle for a day can easily solve your problem of visiting more places in a day. So, guys next time if you are going to Pokhara don’t forget to hire a cycle and explore the places without the frustration of bus ride. This will surely help to make Pokhara a cycle city.

Happy Riding, Keep Pedaling!

Khashing is an active member of Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 and is also affliated with Nepalese Youth for Climate Action. Khashing has travelled Nepal from east to west by padeling, he loves to make fun with friends.


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