Climate Change and Nepal


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Think before you eat..

Posted by NYCA Blogger on June 2, 2013

I used to think all the people around map circle run away shouting about the environment used to think at that time there must be a big deal about the green dollars. By this time I recognized the final problem of environment at local level in my village. The rivers, stream are getting dry, the farmers are on dilemma with these disaster that strikes to my brain now. I am thinking the effects of environmental problem, effects of global warming and climate change. I found that the farmers will be more victim of these hazards, the lower class people will suffer more than rich ones, although the work is done by rich countries and rich people.
Let’s talk about Nepal’s rural areas only. The environment act like global warming, are making villagers about to cry. Neither rainfalls in time nor water flows in river, in spite of these the cultivated crops also get affected, due to hypo rainfall and hyper rainfall the yield in crops gets down, as a result starvation appears. The people in our country are illiterate or semi literate, others literate and educated are in foreign. Those who are in country think that these hazards are due to “kALIYUG” and it is due to “SATI LE SARAPEKO DESH” they don’t know the reason of these and effects of these.
If you are on the country, and if you are youth then it is your right and responsibilities to save the environment, it is your responsibility because you have to suffer from it in near future,MAO has said that “the world is of the youth” so youth should think about the environment, the matter is to change not only to think ,so youth should change the environment.
Now the amount of carbon is about to cross it’s threshold limit on atmosphere, the green house is showing its power upon us. The edible crops are being used to convert into energy on one hand which has two bad effects upon the people of Africa and Asia. One is the people in these countries are lacking the food, suffering from starvation and are compelled to die and other industries are blowing carbon on our atmosphere and we are suffering from the environmental hazards. It is the right to eat, it is also responsibilities to fee. This is not obeying as a result environment globally getting warmer and warmer in house itself, by personal means itself we can save the environment. Let’s eat healthy, lets sell healthy crops, lets avoid pesticides, we can eat less but eating pesticides is much more harmful than eating less food. Applying pesticides not only harm individual life but it harms to ecosystem as well. Pesticides used by farmer breaks the food chain/food web in ecosystem as a result imbalance occurs in living environment. The water resources near by us also get polluted due to this act. So let’s not apply pesticides on edible things. Let’s eat healthy food.
The present situation is due to human beings itself, it is not big topic to evaluate the present condition of environment, things is that how to fight with these problems and to identify the effects of these condition, how to make safe to others .individually one can save the environment if he/she continue to his/her daily activities without harming to the aspect of environment. His is what individual citizen can do to save environment, but this process can be solved in political way only in national level. The country should be forced to do those countries that are responsible in the measurement in the level of carbon on atmosphere. Every year by doing tree plantation is not an actual solution to save environment. All developing countries block the chimneys of the industries which are responsible for the leaking of carbon.
“Save environment  and think before you eat.”

Blog by: Bibek Gautam


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