Climate Change and Nepal


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In Solidarity with Mr. Yeb Sanu

Posted by NYCA Blogger on November 16, 2013


Dear Global Negotiators,
In the mid of 19 session of COP, in solidarity with the head of the Filipino delegation ‘Yeb Sanu’. I am writing a letter to you, yes I know it’s too tough and not being easy to decide but can’t keep my feeling any more. Above 7 Billion Peoples are waiting for fair and legally binding deal from ‘National Stadium of Warsaw’ by 22 of November 2013. But what you are doing?? Just fighting and blaming each other! Let’s not forget that we are the latest creation of this beautiful earth. Yes it is true we need earth, it doesn’t mean that earth too needs us. We don’t have rights to destroy this beautiful creation of Nature. I think most of us are aware about law and policy, that each and every people have equal right to live in good environment; means pollution free environment, disaster free environment and many more!

Last year in Doha, as the conference was underway, a massive typhoon hit the Philippines, killing 1200 people. The head of the Filipino delegation Yeb Sano then delivered a powerful speech: “Let 2012 be remembered as the year the world found the courage to take responsibility for the future we want. I ask all of us here, if not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where?”  But negotiators failed to give good decision to people who really care about our mother earth. As the talks begin in Warsaw this year, one of the strongest typhoons; ‘HAYAIN’ hit again the same land- Philippines. More than 10000 people are reported to be dead, making this disaster the deadliest in the country’s history ever. Entire villages have completely been disappeared and people are looking for food, safe drinking water and health facilities which are basic rights of each and every citizen. It has been proved that it’s an evidence of Climate Change. Now Mr. Yeb Sanu is in voluntary fasting, thousands of young minds are standing on his support and yes the Nepali youth like me! But, most of us are not along with him; we are just pretending and saying that ‘it’s a madness’! When, till when? You people come up with good decisions? After millions of people die or after collapse of this this earth!
In solidarity to Philippines I would like to ask each and every people to join us for our fight for CLIMATE JUSTICE. If the Warsaw will set us on a track to exceed our demand if it ensures a decade of locked- inaction the peoples including me say NO NO NO! Every single decision will affects to upcoming generation, including your son and daughters.  If government, rich and poor, do not agree to a deal, that protects the planet from being more vulnerable, safeguarding millions of our people from death, starvation, and forced migration, then where does our humanity stand for? You cannot ignore! This is a question, not only me whole the generation wants to ask you.

This is a 19th session of COP but till today why can’t you succeed to give rectifiable commitment??? Every year thousands of youth comes over the world to join COP with small hope, hope of good decision and each year we have to go back home with same sad face.
We are on a planet which has a problem caused by us, human being and we want a rectifiable decision now. If not it will be the biggest failure of your generation, there’s no point in waiting or hesitating we want climate justices any way…..
Last but not the least, youth or young people have to live longer with the consequences of current environmental decisions which you are going to give us for longer than you and you need to start right now.

Rajan Thapa


One Response to “In Solidarity with Mr. Yeb Sanu”

  1. Raju Cahuahn said

    You have wrote ” It has been proved that it’s an evidence of Climate Change” but What is the solid evidence that the weather events like Haiyan are the result of climate change when IPCC in its fifth assessment report states “Time series of cyclone indices such as power dissipation, an aggregate compound of tropical cyclone frequency, duration, and intensity that measures total wind energy by tropical cyclones, show upward trends in the North Atlantic and weaker upward trends in the western North Pacific since the late 1970s, but interpretation of longer-term trends is again constrained by data quality concerns.”

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