Climate Change and Nepal


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Message to the global leaders from Nepal

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 3, 2015

Jasmine NeupaneDear Leaders in Paris,

 This letter will be more of a question rather than a message from Nepal. And the question I pose to you is “Why should we think about climate change?” In a country with literacy rate below average, how are you going to proceed to carry out the endeavors for climate change mitigation? I believe, until and unless we are able to convince people about the importance of healthy climate, we cannot expect them to act for a clean, green and salutary environment. More importantly the greater quest is to make people realize that they are endowed with the responsibility to safeguard nature. And since I am from Nepal I would like to provide a brief account of where the issue of “climate change” actually stands for people here.

Nepal – recently devastated by earthquake, we are scattered. People have no shelter and winter is coming. To add insult to injury, our neighbor has been imposing unofficial blockade on us. We have no fuel to cook our food, no medicines to treat our pain and no means to travel to job. We are losing ourselves. And as the ultimate measure, we have started deforestation. We are clearing our forests to feed ourselves. “Do you think, in such a scenario, where we are struggling to keep ourselves alive, can we really care about climate or any change to it?” Despite being the student of agriculture today I am losing my integrity towards the issue as grave as climate change.

Today for a Nepali, climate is the harsh winter that is threatening to take our lives and climate is the rain that is striking on our bare backs and we have no shelter to it. To my farmers, climate change is shift in rainfall and late harvests. To my father, climate change is the feeling of indignation when he cannot have an orange from his favorite tree. My dad thinks he is deprived of his favorite fruit because of the industries in Europe and America. There is a general notion- If the developed countries are the ones to pollute the environment, why should it be us to save the remaining trees from our forest? Since we are from the undeveloped nations with green passport, we are bound to be ignorant, uncivilized and unaware.” How am I to fight this prejudice? How am I to change this definition of “development” which implies to the tall skyscrapers and radioactive weapons?

Dear Leaders, I know this is not only a challenge to me but a greater challenge to you. Here, I present the example of my nation. But today, every nation has its own pretext to marginalize the issue of climate change. To some nations it is the war at hand and to some it is the natural disaster. Some nations are still coveting for more land and more power. These issues were during all those world wars, which was not able to actually teach us anything, and it is today. The chain is never going to end. But it is crucial now that we realize, if we are entrenched by the petty bonds of society, religion, caste, patriotism and power we can never rise higher to peruse the big picture. Our ideas cannot culminate if we are intrigued by such trivialities that have no meaning after we are gone. It is high time to do something meaningful to appease the soaring climatic anomalies. The task of global awareness is onerous one but yes we have to do this today! And the responsibility is incumbent- in greater fraction, upon you!

I am not heard but you are given the voice. Today, I want you to tell the people of undeveloped nations as that of mine, that the scale for measurement of development was unjust. We are not the poor nations because we are more close to nature. But we are poor because we are not learning to use rationally, whatever little we have. Please tell my people, no tall buildings or gold determine prosperity. World has changed. People have seen development, how it works and now they are retracting from that very thing! Development is happiness in being ourselves and being close to nature that we are now and not something that is achieved at the cost of our land, air, water, forests and other species besides us! Please help my idea reverberate!

Today, you are the most powerful and eminent people of the world. It is your chance to prove that you are capable to bring the change. And today it is our chance to prove that we are capable of change. You are the ones who could really cure the myopic vision of every other human in the world. I pray your words to be the antidote to those who adhere to the fallacious mathematical concept of “Space equals to power, may that be earth or beyond!” I assure you, I will do my part. But remember, the whole world including our future generations are looking up to you! May strength be bestowed upon you and your minds to see things clearly, act transparently and judiciously! Let none of your decisions hurt our mother Earth. Let none of her child feel biased on the basis of riches. Remember, I will be watching you. And I will be hoping that you will address my question. I am Nepal.

Jasmine Neupane, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Paklihawa Campus. 


3 Responses to “Message to the global leaders from Nepal”

  1. Rabin said

    Coherent….Challenging and insightful questions..

  2. a good message.. relevant questions.. very informative and nicely presented.. nice one.. congratulations didi.. 🙂

  3. Enthusiast said

    Reblogged this on SACHIN BHATTARAI and commented:
    WOW!!! A must read…

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