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My Experience working at NYCA

Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 20, 2016

Mr. Hementa Sapkota

It was March in our English calendar Kathmandu has welcomed summer already. Days were different totally. Some non-world emotions were changing me into the pond of feelings and tears. Looking at dancing, swimming fish in aquarium was something distractive. In the same days one of my friends informed me about NYCA Explore camp. When I heard I was so excited to involve in the camp. NYCA wasn’t new for me; I had heard many things about NYCA. Most importantly NYCA itself was a clear name. NYCA is active youth organization which is working for climate advocacy. Wow 3 day residential explores camp, I blushed. Now all I waiting was for that wonderful morning to meet those active and enthusiastic climate advocates.

Day 1

Beautiful morning of 10th March hit the valley lovingly. Those change makers; I found optimism and hope in them. Yeah, I found the hope of knowledge in them. We had a good acceleration from New Baneshwor. Everyone was busy in their own way. It didn’t take much time to reach in our destination. It was beautiful atmosphere in NWSSTC premises (Nagarkot). The beauty of silence was breath taking. Every cultural structure was artistically decorated. Enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature of far portrait hills, we listened Lalmani Wagle. He advised us to be in proper regulations and good manner. It was indeed first good impression of his suggestions and words of welcome. After storing bags and luggage we took breakfast. It was a great taste in group. We enjoyed our first breakfast. As we were running in regular schedule, we weren’t supposed to roam here and there. Followed by breakfast our first session was in beautiful training hall. Formally the event started. We scattered and take our positions. Nothing was boring nothing was bad. Every step and every breath we took in that hall still hit the head high. I was with beautiful Rejina Prajapati right and handsome Sanjay Thapa in left. Excitement was overloading. We formally introduce our side partners uniquely. The hall got the life of 35 youths. We began. Human psychology is philanthropically unique. Anywhere at any time new experience makes us creepy. It was indeed a sensational starting of first day. Dreamers, Movers and Shakers had sorts of unknown bonding. The first anonymous impression was that we were together for an environmental cause. Day began with vibes of positivity. We were learners but we had something within. We used be the advocate and protester of changing climate and degrading environment. The hall was in full swing of environment related issues and agendas. There was no spare of time to think exceptional than environment nature and earth. No any boundary to stand lovingly with earth and environment. I realized after noticing all those responsible faces that- We loved this earth much more than any other day we used to do before. The prime motto of the camp was to open the eyes for addressing real and rational environmental issues of our surrounding. For the prime reason 10thMarch was a success. After the day complete, we did something memorable which scratched the level of our hesitation and introduction.

Day 2

Now and then, nothing was new. 11th March was exciting because all the participants in the camp lived like a family in same building, we ate together in same dining, we played together in same court, and we danced like we never care if our hands are in the air. All 10th March things brought us in the forum of unity and mutual understanding. Second day was amazing just because of first days’ meaningful day off.

We leaned many things. All stuffs were related with environment, development and our roles. Many things were new and exciting. Presentation of our trainee brothers never let us felt like bored and hectic as they were super teacher. We demonstrated our potentiality and capability. We learn new things wisely. We did awesome and outstanding team work. As our brothers were by our side nothing was awkward and hesitating. We take their words advice and suggestions. Most say that; they opened our eyes. The life strengthening motivation and saturated knowledge of ‘Rajan Thapa’, ‘Bashanta Paudel’, ‘Lalmani Wagle’, Regan Sapkota’,and ‘Sudeep Acharya’ condensed us in the form of positive rainfall of non-fundable knowledge where ever smiling ‘Jasmita Khadgi’ and ever helping ‘Parbati Shrestha’ empowered us to do something good and innovative always. With flow and blow of knowledge and motivation, second day completed with greatest learning. Feeling was literally affirmative. Rest of the evening was full of fun romance and excitement. We slept with third eye knowledge after late night “truth and dare.

Day 3

Beautiful sunrise in Nagarkot took my breath away. I was literally forgetting that 12th March was the day weterminating the camp. But in real that was the day we were saying goodbye. That was the day we just came to our own place with single isolated heart. But apart from tragedy, those three days worldlyexperience we gained and the lesson we learned about friendship and bonding was much golden. Those were the days we learned about team work, unity and its strength. Those were the days we felt about responsibility of mankind towards environment and Mother Nature in real world. We got uncountable energy and strength to march for green, clean and peaceful environment.

Psychologically it never takes long to change someone’s life but from that day I had decided to do something for better world. And truth to be told three days explore residential camp brought new vibes in my hectic days. Not only in my life, NYCA has changed many barren psychologies into the green field of knowledge and information. Even after so many weeks those memories hunted me in my nightmare and it came as a recurring good dream. Now I understand, NYCA is really an open book for breath taking knowledge.


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