Climate Change and Nepal


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Connecting People to Nature

Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 19, 2017


Kalpana Ghimire

Nayabazzar, Kathmandu, Nepal

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair- Kahlil Gibran

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you- Frank Lloyd Wright

Nature is derived from the latin word ‘natura’, which means essential qualities. The material, physical world and abstract aspect of the universe is the nature. Mountains, forest, edaphic and topographical factors, air, water, flora and fauna, human are indispensable aspects of the nature. These are the blessings that we are bestowed upon. Since the origin of earth, there had been an establishment of intimate relationship between human and the nature.

Our connection with nature is more or less very alike to human rights, the devoidness of which results in solidarity of all the aspects of human lives. The more we get linked to the nature, the more persuasive we become and lead ourselves. Simply, understanding the nature does not mean understanding our surrounding rather it shows the overall figure of ‘tragedy of commons’ linking with the deterioration of the environment as a whole.  We, humans are on the way to the natural world that exist freely and independently. Human being experiences a greater sense of peace and humanity in nature. Historically, our natural components have got utmost respect from the people in cultural and religious aspect. It shows the great feel that we are linking to the nature in the way how we believe the god in our life.  They were our identity and will remain till eternity. This could be the illustration of the spiritual bonding of human with the nature.

Over 99% major part of our evolutionary history are totally associated to the natural world.  Our dependency upon nature incorporates the need to fulfill the basic requirements of human lives namely food, shelter, medicines, and recreational purposes. The estimated data reports that timber and firewood of the forest resources supply about 80% of the energy for the purpose of cooking and heating in Nepal. The research conducted by the scientists shows that more than half of the humanity in global rely upon the freshwater that originated and accumulates in the mountain areas. The recent research studies predict that the patient have shorter hospitalization when they observe the natural surroundings. Adults who are working in the open environment connected directly to the nature are found to be having more creativity and healthy. Every individual has free access to the natural resources of a nature simply known as ‘Common property resource’. It is predicted that if humans think positive of their nature they will have emotion feeling towards protecting and caring of the nature leading to sustainability of the environment.

The essence of lives as air, water, plants products’ from trees, soil etc. are direct proportional to the nature. In addition, the planet where we dwell on are made up of the elements and materials of the nature. Our survival is possible due to water and minerals’ content in our body. The nature plays a significant role in the regulation of various cycles like hydrological, carbon, oxygen cycles, water purification, carbon sequestration, purifying air, disaster management, ecosystem services in the environment. Human, flora, fauna, and microorganism perform the crucial role in pollination, diseases prevention and decomposition of organic matter in the nature continuing the natural cycle of the environment An utmost and of course, an intimate relationship exists among human race and the nature. CNS (Connectedness to Nature Scale) figures how emotionally and   strongly we are interlinked to the nature.

Connectivity of the people with nature improves the physiological and emotional wellbeing along with other innumerable benefits. Our connectivity with nature not only incorporates the positive aspect, but also includes the vast and reckless destruction of our mother nature for our benefits. The continuation of loss, degradation and fragmentation by human has threaten the natural and semi-natural habitats leading to the reduction of ecosystem’s ability to withstand against the effects of human negative activities resulting ‘tragedy of commons’. Solastoulgia results when the people are unable to understand the nature. According to Stephen Jay Gould “We cannot win his battle to save the species and environments without forging an emotional bond between ourselves and nature as well-for we will not fight to save what we do not love. Small alteration can bring great difference. Therefore, we lose our life if we lose our nature.

Remedy for depletion could be the sustainable use and management of the natural resources. Likewise, the restoration of the nature is surely possible if we, humans have control upon our deeds that results this sort of devastation and have wise and sane thinking upon this issues. When we even respect only the physical factors of the ecosystem, the restoration and green economy will be highly achieved. Therefore, protection, conservation and maintaining the stock of the natural resources is urgent that results in the natural resource management (NRM). Regarding the climate change, pollution and degradation of the biodiversity, various conventions and protocols have been established like Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal Protocol, Paris Climate Change Agreement, Ramsar convention so as to overcome those tackles.

In a nutshell, every individual’s life is well sustained upon close positive affinity with the nature. That’s why, it’s our sole responsibility to love, care and protect our nature till our last breath goes on. Once we foresee the critical menace of our nature, we can overcome the factors that directly triggers the devastating activities. This is the only way to sustain the nature as it was handed to us by our forefathers, otherwise it’s certain that we are destroying ourselves, our lives and will be the one residing in the graves and get buried deep inside the crust with no any traces of hopes left to upbring and uplift the pre-existing human civilization as it was!!!



18 Responses to “Connecting People to Nature”

  1. sapkota bhawana said

    very good.This article really represents the relation of we to our nature.Keep it up.

  2. Sunita Bhandari said

    yeah we should love the nature …if there’s love, there comes care and protection itself…good one #kalpana..keep on writing .

  3. Sadhana said

    Great work… Keep it up kalpana!

  4. Nice artice! keep up your good work!

  5. This could be one among the best effort to disseminate the ideas among we general people,regarding how worthy is our nature to us .Hope for the best to happen!!!

  6. lalitkala pandey said

    keep it up Kalpana,all the best

  7. Arati said

    Nice one. Keep it up

  8. Tika said

    Great work kalpana…keep it up..

  9. Tika said

    Great work kalpana…keep it up..

  10. Arsprg said

    Really good article…we lose our life if we lose our nature. Let’s aware everybody importance of nature.

  11. Mohan raz Upreti said

    Good effort Kalpana

  12. Rajan said

    So. Whats the solution present air pollution in valley?

  13. nawaraj said

    its awesome kalpana

  14. Bijay said

    Well composed !!!

  15. Akp said

    Nice one!!

  16. Sudarshan paudel said

    Well written Kalpana. Very Good article.

  17. Rupagal said

    Well written Kalpana. Appreciate your effort to create awareness on such an important issue. Let’s hope everyone will come to understand it eventually.

  18. In my view,the concluding part of the writing is too strong enough to create a vibe within us to quit the reckless activities as soon as possible and contribute in one way or the next to preserve our nature..Good job,Keep it up!!!

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