Climate Change and Nepal


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Connecting People to Nature

Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 19, 2017

Sita Ghimire

Khusibu, Kathmandu

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein

We, people are creation of the nature, which is the entity of the universe. The nature comprises of biotic and abiotic factors incorporating physical, chemical and biological aspects. We are being connected to nature since our birth till death. All the resources, as earth, forest, soil, air, water, diversity, flora and fauna; we are using now, are the gifts of the nature. We are the most intimate biological aspect of nature.

People, directly or indirectly, in one way or the next, are bonded to the nature. So, utilization of nature in proper way solely depends on people’s activity and sane thought. Establishment of good and sound connection with our mother nature is indeed a crucial issue for us. Nature is the nurturing and supportive mother for our complex life activities. Connecting with nature does not necessarily mean that climbing mountains, rafting in the rivers, and others but it is spiritual feelings to be in touch with the nature and its surroundings!

Affinity with the nature is also meant to create awareness for sustainability, attitudes and behaviour of nature to the people. It is an individual’s feelings (emotionally and cognitively) with the nature and belongingness to nature with regards to connection. It also develops the capability of a person to represent himself in this world. The existence of people depends upon the existence of the nature. People can remain connected to nature upto their destiny since it allows itself to be used for the other creations of the world. The relationship of human to the natural world ranges physically and spiritually, distant or close, however sound connection keeps the nature close to the hearts. Human might have beneficial relationship such as feelings, need, happiness, along with some sorts of discomfort, and expectation with the nature. Our life is sustained as we are bestowed upon by the nature and its gracious and inevitable wonders.

Connectedness is the feeling how much a person is attached and dependent upon the nature. Individuals with utmost intimacy with the environment are indeed more friendly and tend to develop more positive life attitudes and engage in more environmental activities along with sound and rational judgement ability. We have witnessed increasing environmental problems such as pollution, climate change, global warming, ozone depletion, deforestation, melting of polar ice caps, and other global challenges on today’s era.

The nature quiets the minds, and opens the heart. It heals and boosts in creativity, health and quality of life as well. For instance, we come up with creative ideas when we go for a walk in the park and we become more spiritual at the colours of autumn leaves and flowers. But World Health Organization(WHO) does not include the term spiritual health in its up front description of health. We experience our nature directly; breathing, sensation of heat and cold, walking, mountaineering, riding, and others. The nature supports wellbeing which has many facets and being emotional in nature. Nature helps to reduce spiritual crisis too. The nature also conducts autonomous bio geochemical cycles to continue the life process and keep it in balanced state. The residues of various floras and faunas are used to cure the diseases. There is a strong harmonious relationship between people and the nature as a relation between lock and key.

The livelihood of about 90% of rural people depends on the forest wood and it’s products. The mysterious property of the nature also reduces the nature deficit disorder such as obesity, depression which is possible due to close connectedness with the nature. So the eco psychologists are involved to aware people to create as eco friendly environment which helps to make people stress-free.

Modern life styles and rapid globalization have distracted our lives from natural environment where we spend more time indoors (90%), thus missing out the beneficial effects and devoid of beautiful scenario of the nature. This might lead to the irresponsible deeds and irrational decisions triggering further harm and destructions, which include loss of natural habitats of wild lives, deforestation, degradation of natural sources and increase of non degrading wastes .

Nature is the sole cause for our existence with optimum usage of its wonders. Thus, it’s our prior responsibility to conserve it along with its rational, wise and sustainable usage. A rigid sense of awareness and consideration of its broad importance is must. Each and every fragments of the nature is to be felt and considered own. This feeling of possessiveness towards the nature leads to harmonious coexistence for sustainability. In the context of Nepal, ban for the use of plastic bags, Bagmati and Bishnumati Cleanliness Campaign, establishment of National Parks and Hunting Areas, tagging of wild animals and others are the most important steps to preserve the nature .Various seminars and conferences, are conducted, for example; Paris Climate Agreement; December 2015, Copenhegon Climate Change Conference; December 2009 to reduce the risks of nature. Connectedness to Nature Scale (CNS) is a tool to measure relation between people and the nature. World Nature Conservation Day on July 28,Earth Day on April 22 and World Environment Day on June 5  are  the days on which its varying ranges of importances are disseminated to the people and has become an broaden area of research today. Small efforts of every individuals can have big impact. To overcome these challenges, new environmental paradigms are developed to focus on the relationship between people and  the nature.

To sum up, an effort of single individual is worthless on this attempt. Absolute collaboration of each and every individual, strake holders and the government is must. This could be the only way to sustain our relationship with nature as it is and to build a so called incredible green and clean future.



14 Responses to “Connecting People to Nature”

  1. Sushila Pathak said

    Very nice article sita.. hoping to see more articles in upcoming days… keep it up

  2. Sharma Shilpa said

    Keep it up fren 🙂

  3. Asmita Pandey said

    Great words my dear friend

  4. Sadhana said

    Great work… Keep it kalpana!

  5. Sumeena Karki said

    I agree that only few people find real connection with nature in our country. one example of trees being cut down near airport of my hometown Chitwan for the extension of road but the pain is only felt by few of us.This type of mentality is deep within maybe because our country has been blessed easily with flora and fauna and we take everything for granted.

  6. Rupa gurung said

    You are great sita.

  7. Krishna Raut said

    Impressive article…great job!

  8. Pari said

    Nice one Sita 👍🏻

  9. Pratima Gautam said

    Well done.. nice

  10. Gautam senchury said

    Beautifull description with beautifull opinion in between Nature and People 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘

  11. Rupagal said

    Great Work. Keep it up. 😊😊

  12. Sultan said

    nice one sita

  13. nice 🙂

  14. Ranjeeta Odari said

    well done my friend 🙂

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