Climate Change and Nepal


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Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 19, 2017

Rubina Karki

Kathmandu, Nepal

indescribable innocence of and beneficence of Nature,–of sun and wind and rain, of summer and winter,–such health, such cheer, they afford forever!

Henry David Thoreau


The sight of playful yet intriguing droplets of rain pouring down, fresh breeze of wind gently touching your upset face, the inexplicable essence of the Earth when the sprinkles of rain benevolently caresses Her, the Chirping of birds early in the morning, gazing at trees dancing in the rhythm of wind….. The feeling is sensational, isn’t it? I can go on and on about the most exciting things you can experience, because to me, this is the very definition of nature.

Nature is an entity of life, the giver of Life. A place, where we truly belong. But, somehow we have forgotten about this. Buying a new pair of shoes, or latest gadgets or buying a bigger house may give us temporary feeling of happiness but, real happiness lies within nature. Us Humans, we have become so ‘advance’ that we overcompensate nature by replacing it with tall sky-rocketing buildings, highways with width larger than football grounds, power plants that dig up so deep it might never become resilient, and all only to think that we are on our indestructible path of redemption. And then we have slogans saying ‘SAVE NATURE’, ‘SAVE EARTH’, just enough to show (our sense of heroism) that we are such great caretakers, that our thirst for overachieving and over-demanding things we don’t even need has somehow vanished and we suddenly have had an epiphany and we are totally changed. But it is not Earth that needs to be saved, it is not nature we should have our mind-set upon because, nature was, is and always will be one step ahead of us. There was nature before the birth of humans, and will be even after our death. It is not nature, that is supposedly ‘a damsel in distress’.

A step further in extending our conscience would lead us to connect with nature. Many of our civilizations started and ended at the Bank of River, all connecting us back to nature. Our roots tell us, we had always been in close connection with nature, but why have we stopped? Many of us find comfort driving cars, or watching TV (it is not a crime to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and watching movies you are so much in love with), but my point is, we have made a shield of ‘comfort zone’ in our own Human world and we have zoned ourselves in our so called human society that, we have not given up even a tiny place for nature to reside on. Sure, we have beautiful potted plants at homes, in our rooms but when will we realize our plant is plastic?

As a person who lives in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, I can fairly say, I might have lost my touch with nature. Living within the comfort of four walls of a room, rarely going in the countryside because, why travel when you can get anything in your well-guarded city, I have forgotten why nature is the reality. I don’t know what it feels like to walk in the soil bare foot. I don’t know what it feels like when twirls of tendrils tickle your body but all I know is you cannot keep on following others blindly. If someone says to connect with nature because you have to, with no understanding about why we have to, then my friend, you haven’t realised it yet. Self-realisation is one of many ways you can connect yourself with nature. Self-realisation is the reflection of your conscience and this leads to clarity.

So, how can you connect with nature? We don’t need grand gestures, big hoarding boards displaying our feelings because even the smallest of steps count when you have a clear picture of why you are doing this. Because, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Start with small walks, walk along with nature. Go places with nature, because that is what gives you peace. Joy is there, nature is where. Connect with nature to connect with yourself.


*Dedicated to all nature lovers out there, finding ways to connect with Nature.



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  2. Rakshya Tamrakar said

    All I can say is Oh My Goodness!
    Such a powerful writing….Absolutely overwhelmed!

  3. Dr Gajurel, JG said


  4. I gotta bookmark this website it seems very useful very helpful

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    This blog has A special place, in my heart.

  6. @Carl, @Crystal @Shishir @Lorrayne,
    Thanks guys! MEANS a lot! ❤

  7. Crystal Santillan said

    This is beautiful work done by a creative and talented young woman!

  8. Lorrayne Isidoro said

    “Connect with nature to connect with yourself” ☺

  9. Shishir sharma said

    Wow.. Just awesome

  10. Juan Carlo said


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