Climate Change and Nepal


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Connecting people with nature:  

Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 19, 2017


Anu Dahal

We are living in a century surrounded by new technologies, scientific inventions which made world a small village as well as all these things made us superior than other creatures. People in this 21st century find it more comfortable to be grounded inside new gadgets rather than spending time in an open place. We like to hear the sound of musical instruments more than the sound of a singing bird.  In the desire of moving forward in search of better facilities, instruments to make our life easier we had actually forget about the nature. From deforestation to pollution of water, air, land all these human activities has caused serious harm to the nature. In order to protect the nature firstly we must understand the value of nature, its importance and why is it necessary for us?

 The main reasons for connecting people with nature is that we are the part of nature without it we cannot exist. Air, water, land, and atmosphere all these things has helped us for our survival. Apart from this it is the home of all living beings, nature releases our stress, inspires us to be creative, releases our stress, makes us healthy, heals our diseases etc.

Nature is the home of all living beings not just us we all start and end our life here. All those things which sustain our livelihood has been provided by the nature. In comparison to other living things we have the intelligence and thinking capacity which makes us superior among others therefore it’s our duty to protect our home. In order to protect our home we should use nature and its resources wisely, we must bring nature friendly resources to protect our nature and we must understand the value of it.

Nature heals our diseases as it has herbs which acts as medicine while curing the diseases. It also releases our stress. One can be relax by sitting in a garden listening to the sound of birds, scent of the flowers, gentle touch of the air, stars shining in the sky etc. all these things gives us pleasure and makes us smile. Due to the unmanaged and unplanned settlements, construction of roads, dams and various other land activities has limited the open space it has become very hard to find such a place to enjoy the nature, exploitation of valuable herbs has created a big problem to cure the disease therefore, strict laws should be made and implemented in order to protect the valuable species and land.

The beauty of the nature makes everyone creative while observing it one can forget all the thing and can became a completely different person. For example while watching birds, mountains, flowing river one can develop a poem not just that nature gives us peace and brings positive thoughts in us to try something new. It’s a good idea to lay down in an open area and try to explore something new rather than wasting time on chatting in social medias.

 At last, from all the reasons explained above, I would like to conclude that people must be connected with the nature.


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