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Nature: Beauty or Calamity?

Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 19, 2017

Bedana Rai.
Ghattekulo, Kathmandu

I don’t even remember how suddenly I woke up. I was waken up around 3:30 am by the frightening alarm of storm which was nightmare which I had never experienced. Storm is single word but strong which constitute of roaring thunder, scary lightening, rains over every direction, strong wind blowing everywhere. Lying on bed by the window side with no curtains and no latch, I could see every scattered lights, sky roaring and clouds creating monster features. Among the scary emotion I figured out how lucky I was to be alone in 8th floor, holding windows without latch to protect my room from getting damp. But out of nowhere I remembered those people living on footpaths and my sarcasm over myself had no validity to be worried.

The doors and windows were smacking, the dried up clothes had wings to fly, flowers pots were jumping and the sky looked so angry was frightening so ruthlessly. I was holding the windows and insisting to the god of storm to stop. The storm continued for half an hour and slowly the god of sky calmed down. But I could not sleep after viewing such a scary appearance of sky in the most inappropriate night time. My thoughts then slowly led me to the beautiful memories I had with nature. The evenings I lied on rooftop and talked with sky, stars, moon and clouds. Sometimes sky did reply me with various shapes of clouds which I assure to understand but most of the time they just listened to me. I suddenly missed the soothing breeze of the beach, the gentle touch of wind of the rooftop. I missed those rains I enjoyed with my best friend again in rooftop. Those sacred drops of rains had given me satisfaction and happiness. But, today it was not the same sky, wind or the rain and somewhere my heart still shakes.

The memoir of good nature started to flow in my mind. I remembered my childhood in hilly region of Nepal. I missed those mountains, those bushes and trees, those bugs, insects and animals. I wanted to smell that soil once again, those rain drops, those grassland like trail, those greenery and that lap of mountain. The emotion of joy was so strong, my mind started to calm over the beautiful and peaceful memories. Then, I took a glance from window, I see tall building before me with verandahs full of colorful clothes hanging everywhere. I am disappointed because I wanted to see those mountains and those trees but couldn’t.

Born and raised in beautiful mountains of Nepal, I have been very close to nature. I was woken up by the chirps of birds, not the horns of vehicles or the annoying alarm ringtone. I played with mud, dusts, leaves and sticks not with the smooth colorful toys. I smelled the dongs of tame and wild animals not the scents from perfume store. I tasted those wild fruits and seeds and didn’t choose the flavors from the mirrored frame. I climbed those streams and mountains barefoot and didn’t complaint for the new arrival shoes. I had never imagined a life where I am unable to see a tree from my window, not a single creature to absorb when I am alone and scared. The serenity overwhelmed me when I remembered those days with nature.

I missed my home, my beautiful mountains, my own land. I was missing, I was wishing, I was regretting, I was shaking, I was being scared and within these upheaval I discovered that nature is not only the beautiful landscapes and scenes but nature is what constituted us, our earth whether it be storms or calamities. I missed those beautiful childhood memories because thunderstorm hit my sleep, my busy schedule. Whether I am living on those beautiful mountains or the city with skyscraper I find nature in me. Nature conveys me love through the sounds of thunder, those lighting and those creations of clouds. Nature changes its appearances and outlooks to show people their love, to show how nature is within people. Nature is beautiful however it appear and it makes me feel beautiful. Natural calamities are not good for people, it takes peoples’ lives but most of the time it is because of human’s action so nature is not one to be blamed. This is how my mind was arguing and debating but enjoying the conflicting idea of nature. But I thanked to thunder storm that I was able to recall those beautiful child memories and felt more connected to nature. And I ask you a question what is nature for you, is it beauty or is it calamity?


3 Responses to “Nature: Beauty or Calamity?”

  1. wow I enjoyed reading this

  2. iambedana said

    thank you @Velin Rai dada 🙂 Its glad to get such a beautiful comments from you and you are exactly on point about this essay. Hope to improve in upcoming writing.

  3. velin rai said

    Question asked is very powerful. Though the writer lacks luring factor to its reader, it is successful in delivering spirit of its own.

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