Climate Change and Nepal


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World Environment Day 2017: Connecting People to Nature

Posted by NYCA Blogger on May 19, 2017

Pratima Oliya

Gongabu, Kathmandu

The World Environment Day falls out on 5 June every year which was denominated by the UN General Assembly in 1972 on the first day of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, mainly to raise awareness and make people concerned about environmental issues all over the world. For the last four decades, World Environment Day has been bringing out various changes as 2016 was based on Prohibition Illegal Trade of Threatened; this year the World Environment Day 2017 is grounded on Connecting People to Nature and the host country is Canada.

The World Environment Day 2017 and its theme is Connecting people to nature, is based on raising out the voice against the destruction of the mother earth as the nature bears and provides us everything, however we don’t charish nature. The target of the World Environment Day 2017 is to extend the awareness and bring the many positive achievements connecting people to the nature which will be doing by various fun activities i.e games, entertaining programs etc. Canada is hosting this theme on the World Environment Day 2017. We all are noticeably concerned that the mother earth is going through the measurable and massive destruction which is by the global warming. The developed countries are the main source of such destruction as they are establishing many industries in the name of development. Development leads to destruction. The industries which are established to facilitate human beings, the smoke from the industries harms to nature which can be over explained from an example of Mount Everest. We Nepalese have glory and pride because the Highest peak Sagarmatha is in our country Nepal, however, the Mount Everest is slowly being changing into rock. Similarly,  the farmers can’t harvest and plant the crops on time because of climate change . When they need rain, it doesn’t rain. And when they don’t need adequate water, it rains heavily

The harmful and mischievous objects, gases and dust are mixed to the atmosphere which destroy the air quality; it is also another problem. While giving the example of Kathmandu, people can’t walk without mask to be protected from the dust. These mischievous gases and dust don’t only affect to human beings but to the nature also. The main cause of being our environment unhealthy and inferior is the unfriendly , wiseless behavior and negligence of human beings.

We all know that “Prevention is Better than Cure” , to conserve the world, to connect the people to the nature, the World Environment Day 2017 has concerned on the theme of connecting people to nature in order to pull the human to preserve all the natural heritages and resources awaring them first and letting the voice rose from themselves. On the auspicious day, all the people from all over the world can participate actively to plant one single seed of trees. If thousand people plant one-one single tree, one dense forest will be created by the next year which is not difficult to implement. Afforestation can be the best way and first step leap for creating the healthy and peaceful environment since we ourselves are responsible for destructing the nature. Then, we ourselves should be united for regenerating the earth with natural resources. Nature is bestowing us many things and resources,  though we have been so rigorous to the nature. The people should not only be concerned about development, property and unique reputation. Now they need to be embraced to the nature. The industries should be opened but limitations must be there and followed some measures not to harm and pollute the environment. In many developing countries, the old, feeble-structured transportations are plying on the road. The government should take an initiation to reduce the number as these old transportations throw the smoke which is injurious for both human and natural resources.

Many awareness and possible programs can be conducted not only concentrating to the urban areas but also to the remote areas though they do less participate to destroy the environment. No one should be freed to toss the dust wherever they like which can be strictly conducted by keeping the dustbin in some gaps, observing non-stop through CC cameras and punishing the unnecessary thrower. Furthermore, in the name of urbanization, the overcrowding  buildings should not be built which also enhances to demolish the nature as people will participate to misuse the nature. In addition the extinct and endangered wild animals also should be preserved. Wild animals are also the part of the nature. We don’t have any right take their lives and create the discomfort environment for them.

Thus, after adopting some measures for preserving all the aspects of the nature, the human would be benefited much as they would have the healthy life after once they will begin drinking pure and neat water and using the healthy air for breathing. Human beings are suffered from various diseases which are extended due to the unhealthy and polluted environment. However, alone, one organization and one country can’t be succeded for being connected to the nature. For that , all youths , adults from the world should be committed and contributed positively for establishing the healthy, peaceful and friendly environment not only on 5 June but all the days that germinate persistently.


5 Responses to “World Environment Day 2017: Connecting People to Nature”

  1. Keenan Das said

    This paragraph will help the internet viewers for building up new blog or even a weblog from start to end.|

  2. Tara Rana said

    grt job

  3. indra ghimire said

    nice one !

  4. Shankar Pyakurel said

    Happy Blogging. Nice blog on contemporary environmental issues.
    Keep going on..
    You are a awesome writer…

  5. lalitkala pandey said

    keep it up kalpana,all the best

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