Climate Change and Nepal


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Nepal’s Statement in the High Level Segment of COP 17

Posted by Amita on December 8, 2011

By Dipesh Chapagain ( from Durban, South Africa)

“There is a need for a stronger political commitment beyond narrow short term interest, we should not let our people down”, Hon. Environment Minister Hemraj Tater, Government of Nepal stressed in his statement in high level segment of the UN climate change conference (COP 17/CMP 7) in Durban, South Africa on December 7, 2011.

Hon. Environment Minister Hem Raj Tater, speaking at High Level Segment of COP17


In his statement, Minister Tater expressed his solidarity to the statements made by the Argentina on behalf of G77 & China and Gambia on behalf of the LDCs. He highlighted the principle of equity, justice and global solidarity for the survival and well beings of the most vulnerable people. The major agendas that Nepal laid emphasis on the high level segments are

  1. Implementation of the outcomes from Bali and Cancun climate conference
  2. Substantial progress on Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance, Technology transfer and development and capacity build-up
  3. Second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol to limit the global temperature rise below 1.5° C
  4. Operationalisation of the  Cancun Adaptation Framework, Technology Mechanism and Green Climate Fund with due priority to LDCs under the authority and guidance of COP
  5. Replenishment of the LDCF and other climate change funds with easy and fast access to NAPA implementation and preparation and implementation of NAPs
  6. Consider REDD + and CDM as important instrument for sustainable development and poverty reduction
  7. Simplify and make specific rules and procedure on CDM to the LDCs

Hon. Minister stated that “despite our limited capabilities, we have recognized adaptation as a National Survival Strategy to protect our people, livelihood and ecosystems”. He committed to begun to develop the urgent and immediate adaptation actions within NAPA with 80 % of the budget channelled to the local level in keeping with the National Framework on Local Adaptation Programme of Action (LAPA). The minister also commits to promote the clean and renewable energy development path to reduce the green house gases emission.

He also reminds the initiation of the Mountain Initiative by Nepal in Copenhagen on 2009.  Issues of declining snow cover and retreating glacier in the mountain and vulnerability of the poor people residing in mountainous areas was given major emphasis in the statement. To highlight the agenda of mountain and develop the cooperation among the mountainous country, the Government of Nepal also organized a side event in COP 17 on December 5 with representation from many countries.

In his concluding remarks, the minister urged that “there must be shift from the pledge-based approach to a result based approach”.



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Looking Back NYCA 2009, what I feel

Posted by Amita on January 7, 2010

FInally I change the calendar of the wall after 7 days of the new year. Yes its already been 7 days and now I am replacing the year 2009 by 2010. I am thinking how quickly the time flies, very very fast, its just feels if I have just spent the New Years Eve for the 2009 and its already the next ONE>
Well..2009 has past by, but the memories it beholds is unlimited, simply the best part moving in the life, in Nepalese Youth for Climate Action ( NYCA ).
I unfolded the 2009 calender and I could easily capture the pictures flashes of the activities we did in the entire year. Images from the Valentines day, Eco Football, South Asian Youth Summit and of course the Trolley Marriage are revolving around my mind. I simply then looked up step by step as I went remembering every single event, I was going high and high..I stopped because I realized that now I might just fall looking very up ( beyond 90 degree) I just mean that we did a lot of work in the year but still feels like we were just formed a couple of months ago..infact now we are 17 months old. Read the rest of this entry »

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