Climate Change and Nepal


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Nepal to host ministerial meet for mountain alliance

Posted by pokhrelalina on June 25, 2010

Reading this piece of news on was a delight; all that mountain action at Barcelona, COP15 paid off, eh?

Mountain Action Press Conference at COP15

Nepal to host ministerial meet for mountain alliance

Kosh Raj Koirala, Kathmandu, June 23:

Nepal is hosting a ministerial conference of mountainous countries in September in a bid to forge an alliance for jointly pushing the agenda of climate change at international forums. A cabinet meeting held on Wednesday decided to hold the meeting of environment ministers in Kathmandu on September 27 and 28. Spokesperson at the Ministry of Environment Meena Khanal said the ministerial conference will discuss how to deal with the effects of climate change in mountainous countries.

“The ministerial conference aims at forming an alliance of mountainous countries to strongly project the voice of mountainous countries before the world,” she said. Nepal conceived the idea of spearheading the cause of mountainous countries after the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Copenhagen, Denmark last December failed to take up the issue of saving the Himalayas. The proposed Mountain Alliance Initiative for Climate Change plans to include all Least Developed Countries (LDCs) that have high mountains. Officials said small island nations that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change are also willing to be part of the alliance.

According to spokesperson Khanal, the government plans to first hold a regional-level ministerial conference before hosting an international conference of environment ministers from LDCs with high mountains. Discussions on the effects of climate change on mountains will first be held at regional and inter-country ministerial level meetings before formally putting forth the agenda at UNFCCC during the Conference of Parties (CoP-16) to be held in Mexico in December. LDCs with snow-clad mountains like Nepal are at the receiving end of the effects of climate change such as floods, landslides, glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF) and prolonged droughts.

Nepal decided to take a lead in forming an alliance of mountainous countries since it has eight of the 14 highest mountains in the world. Among other things, the alliance will seek to have UNFCCC separately recognize LDCs with high mountains and provide them funds to take necessary measures for adapting to the effects of climate change. During CoP-15 in Copenhagen, Nepal pushed the agenda of ´Saving the Himalayas´ from melting due to global warming. The government also organized a cabinet meeting at Kalapatthar at the base of Mt Everest ahead of the Copenhagen conference to draw world attention to the plight of the Himalayas. But the voice Nepal raised went largely unheard.

Published on 2010-06-23 23:05:23


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Missed the Post-COP workshop? Here’s what happened.

Posted by pokhrelalina on January 15, 2010

A peek into Alina’s Journal =D

Kailash Hall saw an overwhelming lot of young climate activists last Friday. With a lot of new faces this time, the curiosity and the level of participation were unmatched. After everybody had their cup of hot tea/coffee basking in the sun outside, all of the 100 or so participants patiently waited while the organizers fixed little technicalities. By now, I, for one, have accepted that where there’s a projector involved, some tech hiccups occur sometimes, and so it was no biggie for me, although I did hear a few sneers here and there. Really guys, GROW UP.

Amita, the emcee for the event, yielded the floor to Pankaj Sir after welcoming us all. To use a hackneyed simile, Pankaj sir’s presentation on ‘Campaigns in Nepal in the build up to COP15’ was as fun for us to watch as it probably was for people who campaigned. From holding a Youth Cabinet meeting at ‘Basantapur Base Camp’ to the Ministers’ Cabinet Meeting at ‘Everest Base Camp’ –we did it all! Because we wanted to send delegations off to COP15 with the strongest possible message that people from every corner of Nepal –the cities, the lanes, the parks, the mountaintop, the heritage sites – is telling them to cut a deal that meets the science. The well received media coverage is representative of just that – we were successful in making our voices heard, out loud.

But it’s a pity that the Copenhagen Accord didn’t even ‘take note of’ the time and the energy that we – not just the Nepali youth, but youth from around the globe – spent putting pressure on policymakers and delegates in preparation for and during the conference itself. Yes, the Nepalese Youth Movement also reached the eyes and ears of people at Bella Center too and Avisekh Sir elaborated more on the actions that took place during the actual conference. Involvement in the various YOUNGO groups, the widely covered mountain action, the Press meet with Jairam Ramesh, NYCA’s side event, Summiteers’ Summit: we, indeed, made our presence felt. For which, I do think we should receive a pat on the back. We have already gained momentum, guys. Read the rest of this entry »

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COP reflections

Posted by pokhrelalina on December 29, 2009


(A lot of commentaries have been written on the outcome of this ‘historic’ meet, and they’ve obviously been influenced by the writer’s nationality or opinions or all of the above. Perhaps this one is too.)

From what I saw, heard and read, Copenhagen Accord is nothing but a dud deal. Undeniably, Action fell well short of what is required to save our people from climate calamities we will be facing in the coming future. We didn’t just want a deal for the sake of it. A fair deal was NEEDED. Climate change had NECESSITATED us to strike a planet saving deal: a prerequisite of some sort if we are to enjoy the fruits of our labour without the constant danger of a looming environmental disaster. Read the rest of this entry »

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