Climate Change and Nepal


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My letter to Global leaders and Negotiators

Posted by NYCA Blogger on September 12, 2014

reganDear Global Leaders and negotiators,

You have been negotiating with my present and future from 1992. You may not be alive till 2050 but I, my family, my children and my colleagues will be. But, will the earth be same as it is today?  According to science, if the GHGs emission continues to increase at this rate we might touch temperature rise of 3 degree Celsius by 2050 and up to 6 degree Celsius by 2100.The raise of 3 degree is termed as catastrophe to the country like Nepal. So, you have no right to negotiate with my life. You can’t let anyone demolish carrying capacity of earth. This is as an assault to us, polluters are unceasingly polluting and we are being a scapegoat.We are facing the disaster because of other’s deeds. Where is Justice, where is equity? I can’t guzzle your negation anymore. What if, my Grandchild asks me, Grandpa, how do the mountains look like, how were the glaciers? What if, they ask me see to whale, tiger, red panda and all that. Do you have any answer? Have you any solution?

There have been ample negotiations with very few actions; I won’t let you negotiate anymore. I will Act for the Justice. I will knock you every now and then for the Action.As agreed in Durban Climate talk in 2011, major Climate agreement will come in Conference of parties (CoP)2015.So, before the CoP 21, 2015 more than 1500 cities from about 130 countries are marchingon their streets to pressurize and push the global leaders for bold climate action. Nepal is ranked 4th most vulnerable country due to impacts of Climate Change So, how can Nepalese oversight this platform to raise their voices.  We in solidarity with global campaigners are organizing climate march on 20th September in Nepal.At that very day, thousands of Nepali of different age group will march on the streets of Kathmandu demanding our Right, demanding our future. I with my team will hue and cry, “We Demand Action, Not Words”. We will clamor at you to consider; “Climate Justice Right Now”.

UN Secretary General has called more than 200 head of the state to join the Climate Summit on September 23 in UN Headquarter, New York. We, team of People’s Climate March- Kathmandu will grab this moment and take this as a scintillating opportunity to send our voices to Prime Minister himself. Declaration comprising our demands will be prepared and it will be presented to PM so as to urge him to address the voice of Nepalese Youth as well. We will pressurize our PM to raise our voice in UN Summit in New York. We will urge for Climate Justice.

We share only 0.027 % of global emission but we are ranked 4th in the vulnerable list of Climate Change impacts.Because of other’s deeds wehave been smashed by some kind of disaster every now and then. How on earth this can be considered justice!Flood, drought, landline, mass wasting is like our regular clients. Our mountains are melting; we are not getting rain in time hence very low agricultural productivity, bio-diversity status is declining at alarming. Life is becoming more miserable as the day pass by, and you are still negotiating with our lives. Climate change plays an influencing role in development of the country like Nepal. Acc. to World Bank (2011), agriculture contributes 38.14% of overall National GDP which is mammoth number. But, due to the impacts of Climate, we are not getting as much productivity from agricultural lands as it have to.  Moreover, ADB report says that Nepal may loss almost 10% of its GDP by 2100 due to Climate- driven events like melting glaciers.

Unless and until we March on the streets of the country, there has not been any movement which has been successful.To Change everything we need everyone. Mass mobilization is one of the best ways to shock the entire system into action. There have been anti-war marches, anti-nuclear marches, marches for civil rights, and more. Globally On September 20 and 21st we are marching for climate justice.So,thousands of people will March in Kathmandu on Sept 20 to urge for positive change.I am Marching with the world because I care for my future, will you March with us?

 Regan Sapkota


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COP 18 kicks off in Doha, Qatar

Posted by NYCA Blogger on November 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony at COP 18, Doha

By Dipesh Chapagain

COP18, Doha
With the slogan “7 billion, 1 challenge: Count me in”, the UN climate change conference (COP18/CMP8) began hear in Doha  from  26 November 2012. The opening ceremony was attended by the COP17/CMP7 president Ms. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane of South Africa, COP18/CMP8 president H.E. Abdullah  bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Ms. Christiana Figueres and representative of government of Qatar. H.E. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Atttiyah, the newly elected COP president said that this is a historic conference of crucial importance … as it represents a turning point in climate negotiations”. A days earlier on a press briefing, Mr. Al-Attiyah also said that as a host country, Qatar is committed to building on the progress made at Durban and Cancun.

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Climate Action Series – What, Where & When?

Posted by NYCA Blogger on November 25, 2012

Calling for local action, raising awareness on climate change and pressurize global leaders for Fair, Ambitious and Binding deal who are attending COP18 in Doha, Qatar from 26 November to 7 December 2012, NYCA is organizing nationwide campaigns from Dadeldhura in Far West to Sankhuwasava in East. Please see and click the map below for more information. Please Join and Support the campaigns.

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Negotiating on Character: paving way to D

Posted by manjeetdhakal on June 14, 2011

Posted on Blog: Change: Climate Or We !

Brazil’s second largest city, Rio de Janeiro, witnessed the first ever gathering of environmental campaigners/caretakers and produced an international environmental treaty (UNFCCC) with an objective to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference in 1992. After one and half decades, the discourse took new dimensions in Bali, developing a new road map as a two-year process of finalizing a binding agreement in 2009 in Copenhagen. But brushing aside this huge expectation, Copenhagen only produced a weak political statement titled the ‘Copenhagen accord.’ The summit could not pave a way forward for this global issue.

The road from Copenhagen to Cancun, in 2010, was also not that easy.  Cancun set an excellent example how the outstanding leadership of a host country could effectively shape the discourse. It was a well known fact that many issues were still on the table that are still unresolved, need further discussion and more political willingness.

To my surprise, these climate discourses always opt for places/countries that start with an interesting first letter. Copenhagen was followed by three meetings in Bonn and semi-final at China’s beautiful city Tianjin. Cancun was another important milestone that was also able to keep up trust on UN process. It was then followed by Bangkok and now at Bonn, both the climate capitals of Asia and Europe, respectively. One of the issues that needs resolution here is where will the next intersessional will be held. My opinion is to follow the ritual so go for places that start with initials B, C or D! But of course not Copenhagen!

Now on the way to the match in Durban, termed the “African COP,” many issues need to Read the rest of this entry »

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YOUNGO- KP Stocktaking Intervention- COP 16

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 8, 2010

Dear delegates,

After this first week of negotiations, we are glad to address this stock taking

session.In 2005, we started negotiating the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol.Now, 2 years before the end of the 1st commitment period, this lack of progress in the negotiations on the next period is worrying.

It is worrying for several reasons:The Kyoto Protocol is the only international legal instrument that we have to preventthe disastrous effects of climate change, and consequently to reduce the emissions of the Annex I countries.

Even if the implementation of this agreement during its first commitment period was
not the success we were expecting, there is a big and important room for improvement and to ensure a live-able present and a safer future for the next generations. It seems that slowing down the process and waiting for the end of the 1st commitment period is the option that Japan, Canada and Russia want to develop in the negotiations.

This option is not acceptable. And we will never support an option so weak from such developed countries.On the other hand, we ask the EU, Norway and Australia and the other parties or groups to the Annex I to commit quickly and strongly to a new commitment period with targets in line with the latest science available.

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Dear amazing youths at COP16

Posted by NYCA Blogger on December 7, 2010

I had to write this letter to you all because I’d go mad if I didn’t.

I want you to know that you all are an inspiration for me to fight better and harder. During one of the craziest days I have had at COP, you all gave me so much support.

Stifled. Helpless. Hopeless. That’s how I felt last night when I heard that the Secretariat wanted us to remove the dying part from our action for what they called ‘for security reasons’. Dying is a very strong and visually affecting action to perform – agreed – but that is exactly what’s happening because of climate change: people ARE dying. All we were trying to do was to bring to their attention what is at stake – people’s lives – while they dillydally in these negotiations. These people ought to see that the lives of millions of people and thousands of communities is at stake, and more appropriately, is in their hands. We aren’t a threat to security, you guys are. We aren’t a threat to security, climate change is.

I personally started my journey as person with a lot of passion and conviction to bring about some change. I wanted to contribute as much as I could to the strengthening of this movement. I was a hardcore optimist. But, as much as I hate to admit it, the fruits of our actions has been close to zilch. Young people were a part of these UNFCCC conferences all the way back from the Rio Summit in 1992. Severn Suzuki’s moving speech failed to inspire the leaders to take action, and so did Christina Ora’s heartfelt address, ‘these people have been negotiating all my life.’ As for me, after a year of getting involved, coming back from Copenhagen last December and now after spending two weeks here in Cancun, I’ve realized it’s all about going back home, it’s all about the local. ‘Think global, act local’ is absolutely, fundamentally true. If we were all doing our work back home, taking care of our own land and really working to strengthen our own communities, this world would be quite an amazing place. And honestly, it is the only tangible thing we can really do. Of course we must lobby, we must keep abreast of what’s happening at the international level and we must keep pushing these negotiators to get them on the right track. But given that we young people, for the most part, have our hands tied up and our voices silenced in these negotiations, I don’t think we can have any serious influence on the decisions that are made. But we CAN see are the fruits of our action, and we can see them in our communities back home. And taking action is more and more important now, now that we have climate change to seriously worry about and we can’t do sit and do nothing while we wait for the leaders to make any progress on the UNFCCC front.

I was really proud of you guys yesterday. I realized that I could do a whole lot more. Your resolve, your commitment, your belief and your actions have impassioned and encouraged me to continue this fight and give more of myself to it. I think I will leave Cancun with more determination and hope than I had when I arrived. I am determined to get more active, more political, make sure I engage more people and do it faster than I did it before.

So thank you, thank you for your support and your inspirational actions, thank you for being unwavering. It has inspired to me to an extent I cannot even begin to explain. I really want you all to continue your good work within the UNFCCC processes. And while I can’t say that I’ll see you all again in South Africa next year, as quite frankly, I don’t feel like being a part of these UNFCCC conferences anymore, I will definitely do my bit in empowering my people back home. The planet is still warming up, and I will too, in my efforts.

Love you all so very much,


we're doing our bit. why aren't you.

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